Arabian Nights…and a lady boy or two ;)

We went off on a walking mission to explore the restaurants in our area last night. I cannot get over the multitude of eateries there are on offer in Bangkok, I think eating is a national sport alongside Muay Thai. We ended up choosing a fabulous little spot in the Arab quarter where the owner made a huge fuss over us. We had lamb Tagine (that fell off the bone if you just looked at it), Babaganoush (eggplant hummus), soft pita breads, greek salad tossed in olive oil and lemon juice and a mixture of beef, lamb and chicken schwarma shavings……all washed down with an ice cold…..Coke (no alcohol served)
It sounds like a lot but the portions were small and I never get much sharing with Robbie 😉 Delicious. Tomorrow we are going to find an Indian Restaurant.

It was brilliant sitting on the little balcony shovelling lamb into my mouth just watching people walk past. There were lady boys (only distinguisable as men by their enormous heeled feet) eating chicken drumsticks and whistling to foreign men, Muslim women head to toe in black Burquas, lost backpackers sweating like butchers over sodden maps, tuk tuk and taxi drivers milling on the pavements sharing ciggarettes and Thai children selling fake roses and manicure sets. Incredible.


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