Skytrain and Watermelon

I just got back from my first solo trip on the Skytrain! Might not seem like a big deal to you, but Bangkok is crazy and everyone is always in a rush which is unsettling when you just want to amble about. I love the Skytrain, I love how you get a birds eye view of this amazing city. I love watching people and seeing (judging) what they are wearing. I love the pumping aircon. I can imagine for someone from the UK who is well-used to the underground laughing at how this is such a novelty for me. BUT, South Africa doesn’t offer a clean, fast, efficient and most importantly, safe, form of public transport. So for me, this is simply superb. I listened while a loud Brit on his cellphone performed the classic ‘say the same thing louder and they might understand me’ concept. Another clearly West African man (I could tell from my Ghana days) was annoyed with someone on his phone about the price of something; he said “2,000 that is all I am willing to offer” and hung up.
I went to Emporium Mall (love love love), shut my eyes past the Jimmy Choo display (must be linked to the launch of Sex and The City 2 Movie) and bought myself some fresh seafood soup, a bowl of fabby salad from the salad bar (where I always pick the olives and feta off the top), a huge bag of chewy wine gums (hey, i’m alone so am allowed to eat the entire thing and not feel bad), half a juicy water melon and two little pears in individual foam baskets.
My taxi ride back (I don’t do shopping bags AND Skytrain) was brilliant. Had a great, slightly awkward, chat with the driver who asked if I thought the Red Shirts were dangerous (after SA? I would happily streak through the entire demonstration area to prove how non-threatening they are) and if I liked the heat compared with England (it’s easier to say I am from England as not many people here know about Africa). He said my Thai was good and I assured him I was continuing my studies, to which I got a blank look which means I need to book those dam lessons.

Mess-up of note with my passport, immigration put the wrong stamp in my passport when I left for SA holiday and now I have to fly to KL (Malaysia) for the day and pay a 20,000 (R5,000) fine!!!!! HELLLOOOO??? it wasn’t my mistake. sigh.
Better go check out deals on Airasia. blerg.


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  1. Lisa on

    Amy, so wish I was there and we were doing the Skytrain/shopping thing together…can imagine how cool that would be? Loving your food choices, and in total agreement re: winegum consumption (is no-brainer). Bummer about least they have a cool airport there…
    p.s have started end-of-year-travel-research.

  2. Mary Lyda on

    Oh, I just love those fines that aren’t your fault. I just got a notice from the IRS that I didn’t file my taxes correctly in 2005. They want me to pay what I owe plus interest, plus a fine. I am happy to pay what I owe but interest! You just contacted me 5 years later and expect me to pay interest!!!!!

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