BKK Update 13:32

8 more dead, including a 10 year old boy. 51 more injured including another journalist who was shot in the leg. The Red Shirt leader who was shot in the head is slightly better but still in a critical condition in hospital. Am sure you have been watching the news, it’s all going off here. They are now considering a curfew for residents. Great. Despite this, it was Richards last night in BKK so we had to take him somewhere fab for dinner, and we ended up at the incredible V9 bar on the 37th floor of the Sofitel Hotel. Click here for pics: V9 Bar and Restaurant  You can imagine the view of the city from there, mind blowing as all the ‘walls’ are glass. It really gives you an idea of the sheer size of Bangkok. We could also see the affected area as all the high-rises were black because their power had been cut. Strange to see this block of darkness in the middle of this massive city. We took a taxi and we had to take a long detour, but it was safe as a result. Army are everywhere but that is nothing new. We saw them pulling barbed wire across the road after us to set up a check point which I guess they do for the night. Richard also wanted to go shopping at about 5pm yesterday to get some Hello Kitty stuff for his daughter and we were unsure if anyone would be about. I joined him and we couldn’t believe that everything was set up, everything for sale, tourists walking about among the army posts. It if wasn’t for the occassional policeman or army troop it would have been totally normal. So odd walking about thinking that people are being shot just a few roads away while we bargain for a pink shirt.


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