BKK Update

The 3pm deadline urging Red Shirts to leave, has come and gone. We can still hear gun shots and explosions. About 5,000 defiant Red Shirts have refused to leave and continue to fire homemade weapons at soldiers. There are fewer cars on the roads, mostly taxis, and more razer wire and army check points.
According to the latest news the Prime Ministers Secretary General has called the red shirt leader to talk about a solution.
The oddest thing is looking at this massive city and seeing all the empty highways and side streets. I can’t even see street dogs walking about! What is even more creepy is that I can hear the ice cream truck tune warbling somewhere between the houses….like a horror movie sound track! haha
We are fine, we ventured to the Emporium to get lunch (carbonara if you care to know) do some shopping and kill some time, as you can imagine there is not much to do in Bangkok at the moment.
Some people are planning to leave the city and some expats are wanting to go home. I think that is a bit dramatic BUT it all depends on how you feel about being in this situation. Bullets were fired onto the outside of a five star hotel forcing guests down into the basement. Nothing more distressing than seeing a rich tourist having a panic attack on BBC news while a Thai porter gently pats her Gucci-clad shoulder.
More later.


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  1. Lisa on

    SKY news says a small rocket was fired into the hotel…scary stuff! but as long as you have food & telly you’re fine!

  2. bkkgirl on

    yeah, some crazy dudes opened fire on a hotel and poor guests had to be hurried into the basement, can you imagine! we are fine, there is news of ‘talks’ to restore peace so we are hopeful again, hopeful that this is the last night of trouble and wasted lives

  3. Cindy on

    I have a friend that is suppose to be going to Bangkok on the 27th, five girls are going over to shop. Waht do you think, she was a bit nervous when I saw her on Sunday. I am sure her travel agent, will keep them informed though.

    • bkkgirl on

      Hey Cindy,
      They can still come for sure, but not all the malls are currently open. Street markets with all the fake stuff (bags, shoes, tops, sunglasses etc) are still open on most streets. They can go over to Phuket and take an island holiday or perhaps change plans and go to Kuala Lumpar which has amazing malls. The army is taking control now though so am sure it will be fine by then.

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