BKK Update 22:07

We are all on curfew from 8pm until 6am tomorrow morning. Of course everyone is at home so the internet has been impossible all day. Hence my lack of updates considering how enormously important this day in Thai history is. The army steamed in and broke up all the barricades, made arrests and transported the masses ‘home’ The bad news is a few crazy Red Shirts, not satisfied with their leaders surrender, set light to 12 buildings in the centre of Bangkok. One of these happened to be Central World, Bangkoks biggest mall and the second biggest shopping destination mall in Asia. They have not been able to control the fire and as far as news reports go, it seems like the entire place has burnt down. Hectic. At one point today the entire sky was hazy with smoke.
When I finally got online I read about the curfew and realised we needed more water, so I put on trainers and ran out to the shops (it was 8:05pm) but my night security guard wouldn’t let me out the building. So now I have boiled three kettles of water and have various bowls and containers all over the kitchen counter waiting for it to cool so I can place in fridge and consume.


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