Pink Chop Sticks and Rush Hour Traffic

Ahhhhhh things are almost back to normal! Despite the curfew (which, as far as we know, still stands until Saturday evening) Bangkok has starting to resemble its former fabulous self. We ventured off to The Emporium Mall to get some snackie-poos for din dins, and found ourselves stuck in rush hour traffic. As we watched the meter price increase minute by minute as the taxi stood idle in four-lane deep traffic, I couldn’t help but release a ‘whoop whoop’ and squeeze Robbies hand in glee. People were walking about the streets as if nothing had happened. I could see the Skytrain whizzing back and fourth as Thai’s and foriegners chatted on the platform. I cannot contain my sheer joy that my fantastic city is mine for the taking once again!

There is a great deal of reconciliation that is under-way and I am sure that healing the wounds of the past two months will take many years for those who lost loved ones in the struggle. Hospitals and banks will be open and fully functioning from Monday. As for the mess left from the demonstrators sprawling camp, I would bet good money that it will be cleaned up in a matter of  days. As for the burnt buildings and Central Worlds grave site, again, with Thai efficiency, I imagine a biggar and better mall will be built and this time it will be the largest in Asia;)

I bought myself a new pair of bright pink chopsticks and some sushi to celebrate. Not convinced with the tofu option that always just comes along with the salmon, avo and crab stick california rolls.


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