Electricty Bills and Toilet Seats

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Two funny things:
1) Our electricity bill was high this month. Granted we have a massive industrial-size aircon in the lounge, but even then, it still felt high. So Robbie decided to bring it up with the condo manager ‘Bumee’ I said ‘what is the point? a bill is a bill what is he going to do?’ BUT I was wrong, Bumee said simply ‘ok ok we charge 6 baht per hour so I will only charge you 5 from now on’
Where in the WORLD can you have this kind of discussion?
2) I was watching a programme on US obesity. Turns out the toilet manufacturers are having to strengthen toilet seats for fatter people. Entire production lines are being modified at huge costs to produce fatter toilets for fatter people. Scary thought.


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  1. Burchell on

    Interesting point re: toilet seats.
    We all got memo last week at work asking us to please stop breaking the toilet seats in the men’s restroom. Apparently they have replaced 6 this year for just our section of the building.
    There are quite a few rotund fellows wallowing around our corridors of late so I can see why they may be breaking..

  2. bkkgirl on

    hahahahahahahaha no one gets a memo like that????

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