Sex & The City 2

My cinema ticket

FINALLY Sex & The City 2 opened in Thailand cinemas today. Yippeeeeeeeeee Obviously this news was steeped in a degree of sadness due to the fact my fabulous girlfriends were not with me to enjoy it. There is nothing more special than getting together with a bunch of friends to natter, gossip, catch up and just feel fantastic by osmosis. However, I have to give the Husband Of The Year Award 2010 to my Robbie.
Not only did he INSIST on accompanying me to the movie, but he humoured my annoying count-down (every day for the past two months I would yell “ONLY 19 MORE DAYS!!!”) and my regular bouts of wobbly-bottom-lip sulking at being without my gorgeous buddies at this massive, integral note-worthy, once in a lifetime experience.
This may sound like an exaggeration to some of you, but this movie is a cult classic. The Sex and The City girls have collectively experienced it all: friend gained and lost, financial freedom and debilitating debt, independence and co dependence, gorgeous clothing and fashion disasters, sexual experimentation with men and women, marriage, divorce and extramarital affairs, motherhood and adoption, breast cancer and IVF, but most of all things that simply make your belly ache with laughter. The ability to laugh like this lies in every woman, you just need to find the right girls to bring it out in you.
This blog is therefore dedicated to the most fabulous, funny, classic and charming women in my world, without which,h life would just not have the same sparkle:
Mum, Bo/Professor Ogilvy, Lisa Pisa, Ler Pie, Bruski & Leah


3 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    awwww chick…*sniff*….

  2. Leah on

    AMY!! You are fantastically, wonderfully AMAZING and you are missed very much!!!
    (And, ummm, I can’t believe Robbie’s seen the SATC2 movie and I haven’t… ummmm….weird…)

    • bkkgirl on

      haha I know right? robbie was like ‘i think i am the only guy in the group that has seen this movie?’ but this afternoon we picked all the crap bits apart together which helped me heal

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