World Cup Fever!!!!

source: africantravelguides

Wow! What a night! I never thought I could or would scream so loud at a TV screen. To be honest I am not the biggest sports fan in the world. I enjoy a spot of tennis (finals) and the occasional Olympics (highlights) but last night I honestly felt like a real, live, human, football hooligan! Granted, I had just received some fantastic news about being offered my dream job here in Bangkok, so I think the lines blurred between celebrating my resurrected career and supported Bafana Bafana. To be totally honest I would have agreed to sit through a 3-day cricket test match if it got me closer to a G&T.
There is nothing like a group of Saffies (South Africans) to get you to lose control and scream your guts out. What a pleasant surprise it was to meet a bunch of them who had flags painted on their cheeks and yes, one red vuvuzela (not convinced I like them). At the beginning of the evening I was my demure, controlled self: legs crossed, napkin on lap to catch G&T condensation droplets, hair smooth, breathing consistent. By half time the scene was very different:
1) I had placed an order for the same scarf Jacob Zuma was wearing during his speech
2) All my nails were bitten and chipped
3) G&T sloshed around in my glass and over my crotch area
4) My hair had increased in width & height
5) Robbie had broken a picture frame hanging on the wall too close to our waving arms – and I didn’t give him ‘the look’
6) I suddenly remembered Afrikaans swear words
7) I came out of the closet as a talented ululater (controlled throat warble)


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  1. Leah on

    1) I have been trying to buy one of these scarves for weeks but everywhere here is sold out. I imagine you’ve already had someone make you one in BKK!
    2) Erm, agree.
    3) Yes yes yes!
    4) Try and place an order for a mohawk wig, helps immensly.
    5) LOL
    6) Now brush up on your isiXhosa.
    7) You have always been a very talented at ululating!

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