My Perfect Afternoon


A wonderful and forgotten calmness has wrapped itself around my being since I heard the news of my job offer. I feel, for the first time in a long time, reinvigorated and excited for life my in Asia. I decided to celebrate with a foot massage (happy hour of course) and lunch with two of my favourite magazines: Time and Hello. Unfortunately the massage wasn’t as relaxing as normal because an extremely hardened lady-boy knuckled knots out of my neck in what felt like a rage as she was clearly disappointed I wasn’t a rich, fat German looking for extras. Either way, I met a gorgeous little dog with bows in her hair who sat on my lap for part of my bone-crunching experience.
I then walked to my new favourite spot on Soi 4. This is an unlikely location because it is a girls heaven located on a male-dominated girly-bar street. The café is all white with beautiful hand painted chairs and antique tea spoons. The sugar is served in little crystal squares and the resident Jack Russell has a blue diamante bandana and drinks from a fountain. There are water features and plants in the back garden, like something out of a dream. White love seats swing from trees and plants are shaped like forest animals. A wooden letter box is nailed to a tree with a little glass rabbit poking his head out. The tea mugs are pink with red hearts painted on them and a ‘Crispy Flower Salad’ is an actual item on the menu. As if life could get any better there is a stand of the latest magazines including Hello and Time. Granted the ‘Hello’ is in Thai but I only need the pictures to get my fill. I am now up-to-date on how Lego re-branded itself digitally and the latest trends of the Monaco royals.
Like all Australian boys need a shed, all girls need a hide-away café where they can be alone to read their favourite book or magazine, drink extra-sweet cappuccinos with granular sugar and choose a seat because of the bird stenciled on it.


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  1. Lisa on

    omg…its like your very own “man-cave” except you’re a woman…and its not in your house. other than that, exactly the same thing 🙂

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