Slim Up

source: slimupcentre

As I tucked into a rather bland chicken noodle dish on the third floor of Emporium Shopping Mall, I noticed a group of promo girls setting up display stands for ‘Slim Up’ a centre with state of the art fat and cellulite removal technology(don’t mention exercise). They even had life-size cardboard cut-outs of before and after cases which looked incredibly strange propped up against a railing.
I saw that two of the machines, that promised to melt fat before your eyes, set up and operating on what I assumed to be mannequins. Alas, closer inspection revealed they were real live women lying on their backs. White towels had been placed strategically over their eyes, crotch area and legs, leaving the abdomen exposed. And there they lay as prospective clients questioned the ‘doctor’ and prodded the equipment whilst flapping price lists inches from these poor women’s faces.
There was then a live band performance and long-winded introduction about the products delivered by a skinny lady wearing more sequins than Liza Minneli on Broadway. I watched marginally over-weight women cringe as they were passed ‘Slim-Up’ leaflets as they got off the escalator. After two hours of shopping and magazine flicking, I returned to find the same women pinned to their backs, bellies exposed while the roller ball was no doubt carving a groove in their stomachs.


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