Arabic Connectivity & Apple Sheesha Pipes

Desperate for something delicious to snack on, we came across Shishahnasir Al-Masri, an Arabic restaurant and sports bar. I say ‘bar’ but no alcohol is available of course. Instead the entire place was filled the proper Arabic coffee, tea and the strong, sweet aroma of fruit emanating from Sheesha pipes that bubble and gurgle as you puff. 

The entire open-air dining area was decked out in chrome. It’s hard to explain how beautiful and sleek it all looked. When you think of chrome you normally conjure up the image of a pimped-out Mustang that bounces at the traffic lights. But this was classy chrome. The coffee was poured from a drastic height and the tea menu was longer than my arm. The cups were like inscribed shot glasses, very heavy and ornamental, as if holding a little treasure. Once seated and puffing on an apple Sheesha pipe (I find it hard not to inhale and end up with puffed-out cheeks and watery eyes) I took my first proper look around at the other customers.

NOT ONE SINGLE WOMAN (other than me) was in the entire place. In fact, wait for it, there wasn’t even a female toilet, just a lonesome urinal. I felt as if they were looking at me like some lose western broad with condoms in my purse and a naval piercing. The truth is they weren’t. Although male dominated, this society is hugely progressive when it comes to technology and business. I kept thinking about all the wives of these men sitting gossiping at home and having wonderful girly time.

Each man was either talking on, or playing with, his mobile phone. I noticed a mobile phone charge unit next to the doorway. These men would type and talk for hours while sipping coffee and puffing Sheesha and then simply press their phone into a charge slot and return to their table until the green light appeared. This brings a whole new meaning to connectivity.

We ate lamb wraps and the most kick-ass Humus ever made (this was eaten without breathing because I wanted to get more than Robbie). A world cup game came on and I thought this has to be the first time I have watched a sports match with an entirely sober crowd. After one goal and the lonesome echoing sound of Robbie yelling and thumping his open palm on the (chrome) table, I said I needed to pee and hence we had to leave.

Click here for link to site: Delicious food and amazzzzing coffee


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