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I got some great advice from a new friend who has lived in Bangkok for five years:

On your first day at a new job, take food as a token of respect for any Thai staff you will be working with. Not just any food, Thai sweets.

OK. So yesterday, I went on a hunt for the perfect selection of yummy, yet local, goodies. Not too cheap, but not arrrogantly gourmet either. No one likes a show-off with a tray of Swiss-bacon-wrapped de-pipped figs from Cyprus.

Once entering the food section at our local mall, I became totally over-whelmed at the enormous array of Thai biscuts and sweets for sale. Every single deli stand had a tasting bowl. Of course this was Robbie’s task. I shoved various objects into his mouth and waited. His expressions went from ‘that doesn’t taste like food’ to ‘try this, it’s delicious’

I then decided the best way to choose would be to stalk Thai women. I circled the displays, peering into their trollys pretending to be texting on my phone. I nearly got knocked over by a Thai granny with a basket-full of Durian (Thai fruit known for pungent smell) puffs. She told me to buy anything with coconut flavour in it. Good advice.

With images of having too much to offer and not being able to wai (Thai greeting) and my future colleagues screwing up their noses and not inviting me to lunch, I bought the following (based on copying other people):

– Durian Puffs

– Pineapple candies

– biscut things, shaped like hearts with cashew nuts on the top

– coconut biscut/sweets

Wish me luck….

yummy local gifts


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