Show me the Money $$$$$$

Day 1 week 2

Printer and I not acknowledging one another – it’s a stand-off  – I have a feeling the printer will win.

I opened my very own bank account today at Siam Commericial Bank!!! How coolio am I? I cannot describe the feeling. I guess I have missed being independent more than I realised. Have to wait until the end of the month to use it, BUT, still, it’s all mine! (evil laughter) I have already spotted my dream handbag for this season in a shop called ‘Le Petit Sac’ hehe It’s a Hermes style for those of you who appreciate true beauty.The bank book cover has a Winnie The Pooh and Piglet picture which makes me think of my first Post Office savings book when I was 9……

Work was better, more people talking to me and I had lunch with a Singaporian girl who doesn’t speak any Thai so we bonded over how isolated and excluded we feel on a daily basis. Scary thing is she has worked here for three years. Am going to have to break through somehow, am planning my debute at the next office party…….not really.

She gave me some great insight into working in Thai culture. If you make a suggestion to client and it differs from theirs, you will be ignored as it is seen as ‘arguing’ with the client. I hope I can find a way to gain their trust and make a difference on my brands.

More later, stay tuned xxxx

bank book & card YAY


2 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    ok…so working in Thai culture is exactly the same as here then? hahahahahaha xxxx
    p.s. printer is fruitless mission. i’m on 2.5 years & we still don’t get on.

  2. bkkgirl on

    haha agreed
    pps: at least your digital screen is in English! I had my finger print rejected twice this morning, rejection that early should not be allowed!

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