Nest & Tuna Melts

It rained yesterday afternoon like nothing I have witnessed since moving to BKK. This is traditionally a wet time of the year and it is a bit cooler than normal and rather refreshing after the relentless upper 30’s heat. However, my office window is on the 24th floor so I have great panoramic views of the city, but once it started raining it was as if someone had pulled black curtains over the glass. The sky was pitch black and I could not even see the Marriet Hotel which is opposite our office block! Traffic grinds to a halt and everyone at work knuckles down for a long commute home.

Robbie came to fetch me on his scooter and we decided to go and have some wine with a view. I hopped on, side saddle, in Nine West heels, in Bangkok traffic, in the drizzle. I even managed to text. Once you get your centre of balance is really is rather comfy, although one leg doesn’t have a place to rest so I sometimes get a thigh-cramp and have to hold my leg up with my hand hahaha

Arrived at the fab Nest roof top bar and restaurant – click here for pics The Nest Bangkok where we shared a delicious bottle of SA red – big treat here as wine is loaded 400%

At 9am we realised it was time for some dinner so headed off to the auzzie pub for some slap-up pub grub. We ordered some chicken wings and I asked for a tuna melt – white bread with creamy tuna loaded with cheese (cheese is another super treat) The wings arrived looking more like a scabby pigeon that had been hit by a car. The ‘tuna melt’ then turned up…..and was literally three tiny little tiangles of bread, a quarter tin of tuna with, what looked like, old hardened insipid pale cheese caked on the top. I could have eaten the entire dish in three bites, and it cost 300 Baht (R80) which is a total joke. So we refused to touch it/eat it/pay for it etc and left, still feeling slightly guilty about the poor chicken whose wings we had ignored.

When in doubt, eat Thai.


3 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    I hate it when “Western” establishments do the whole rip off thing..we got nailed badly in Kata Beach at a certain restaurant (no, not the roast place thank goodness) and it left such a bitter taste in our mouths (excuse the pun)

  2. Leah on

    You should have eaten at The Nest – they have “Tofu Charcoal grilled with miso blue cheese sauce”. Yes please!

  3. bkkgirl on

    mmm i did think of eating there as these huge salads kept going past but it’s super expensive and we had just blown out monthly eating out allowance on a bottle of wine (a bottle of random Two Oceans will cost you R350 here)

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