Tea Ladies & Chilli

– I bought a tube of Oeros for the ‘common’ food table and they were devoured in less than 20 minutes – I didn’t even see a finger move! HURAH! FINALLY  I bought something to make up for the dreaded Durian Puffs (I came in early and chucked them in the bin this morning!)

– Bonded with three cleaning ladies, one is from Esan (north-east Thailand – rural poor area) and and two from Laos (boardering country) They are insisting on teaching me ‘laos’ and Thai which is all rather overwhelming. I keep saying ‘mai khao jai’ which means ‘I dont understand’ They find this rather amusing and repeat that exact sentence whenever they pass me in the passage way or at the elevator – rather embarrassing as they pack out laughing and slap each other on the back screeching ‘Khun Ameeeee Mai Khao Jai’ HAHAHAHAHAHA does make me smile though, they are like a little comedy threesome. I dare say I will learn from them.

– Receptionist asked me if I could speak ‘African’ I wasn’t quite sure where to start answering that one. Luckily the Queue Dude arrived to take me for my visa extension. I have to learn ’11 official languages’ in Thai and get back to her.

– Ate on the 6th floor food hall again today and had duck and rice. I watched the lady in front of me pouring different and measured quantities from the little sauce tray which totally intimidates me. There are little bowls of dark liquid, light liquid, thick gloopy liquid, red and green chillies floating in yellowish liquid, dry chillies, a tube of sugar (no salt or pepper) and other items with Thai labels. I then decided to copy her. As I was nervously adding a little bit of this and a drop of that, the lady serving starting showing me what I needed and how much of each…..so I followed her lead. I have to say, it was the most delicous tasting rice and duck I have ever had. I understand how delicate the balance is though and doubt I will be able to repeat the exact proportions.

What is todays learning? always have a bottle of water handy.

When in doubt, it’s chilli.


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