Farewell Party & Blue Wigs

I was invited (via my work email) for a farewell party after work for two women who were leaving the company. As I stood up to leave work and head to the venue I asked my colleagues what time they were going to join. I noticed some awkward looks and people shaking their heads and avoiding eye contact. Me being me said ‘Commmmeee OOONNNN it will be fun!’ and yet still, no response.  I thought how rubbish to work with someone for years and not bother to turn up for one eeny weeny drinkie…..

Turns out, the rest of the office wasn’t invited….just me and the MD of our department. Talk about putting my massive (well-heeled) foot in it! I felt SO bad. Farewell was great fun in the end. Turns out only managment was invited so I was rather intimidated. I ended up drinking too much wine – what are you supposed to do if someone keeps filling it up after every sip? – and bonding with the girls whose last day it was. Kind of sad as they were both really classic and gave me some great advice on how to win over clients.

I ended up wearing a blue wig and chatting to one Thai lady about her recent trip to Paris were she drank champagne in the Louis Vuittone store because she bought so much……..HiSo (high society) is what they call it here.

It seems most of the Thai women that work at my agency don’t have to work but rather choose to. This explains why they are always in the latest high fashion outfits with fabulous hair, nails and pedicures. Don’t think I have ever worked with someone who doesn’t have to work before.

Had a great public holiday today (Buddhist day) just chilling out with Fin and Robbie. Ended up finding a New York-style spot which does poached eggs and smoked salmon (my fave) so that was rather delish. Although there is more atmosphere in my left toe than that restaurant. Click here for link to my review Minibar Restaurant


2 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    for me, the most classic part of your review is that the pic next to it is your new blue hair look…wondering how seriously a restaurateur is going to take you ahahahahahahahaha

  2. bkkgirl on

    yes, i realised this a little too late! think that combined with the spelling errors from being drunk really won’t worry them too much

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