Emergency Rule & Fish Tanks

Emergency rule has been extended in Bangkok as a result of a bomb (home made) blast that went off at a bus station killing 1 and injuring 10 over the weekend. There is certainly a simmering uncertaincy going on here. Life goes on so fast and before you realise it, you haven’t thought about the demonstrations that ruled our lives for three months, and then a bomb going off like this is a reminder that issues run deep.

I just spotted a mini fish tank on someone’s desk at the end of our open plan room!!!! hahaha little black and gold fish scootering around in circles. I don’t know how their water doesn’t freeze over with this blasted aircon….

Just had a ‘skinny banana muffin’ from Starbucks but don’t feel skinny yet 😦


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  1. Lisa on

    omf…didn’t see anything about that on the news! hectic!

    dude….seriously? “skinny” anything is a conspiracy theory to get you to buy stuff you wouldn’t normally eat…
    and now I hate you coz all I can think of is banana muffins…

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