My Stalker

I was innocently tottering home on my 5 inch heels with brolly (light drizzle) when a man dressed like an old fat version of Aladdin leapt infront of me and told me I looked like Alice from Alice in Wonderland…..mmmmm my Dodgdar (that stands for ‘dodgy radar’) beeping off the hook so I quickened my pace as fast as possible considering the cracked pavement lined with lady boys in mini skirts and a woman who nearly knocked my head off with two dressed half-body mannequins???!!!! Fat Aladdin continued his persuit mumbling on about what he sees in my future, his white robe skimming the ground like a scary floating baloon…… and I literally side-dived into a tuk tuk that was parked at the red lights and yelled (shrieked) DRIVE! I couldn’t believe how I had launched myself about 2 metres, in heels with a brolly and handbag, head first into this dudes ride! The driver got such a fright but when he saw my face with Fat Aladdin hot on my heels he performed a 180 degree turn (on one wheel) and we sped off in the opposite direction laughing out loud!


2 comments so far

  1. Leah on

    LAUGHING! Best blog ever! Thank you because I can really picture this and it’s hilarious!!!

  2. bkkgirl on

    i laughed at myself the entire ride home!

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