Side Saddle & Bkk Traffice

It is pouring with rain most evenings in Bangkok due to the rainy season this time of year. One minute you are sitting staring at a blue sky and the next you watch as a thunderous bank of pitch black clouds claw their way over the sky scrapers, blocking out all natural light. Traffic comes to a total stand-still when it rains. Due in two parts to road flooding (bad drainage) and Bangkok drivers who tend to go a bit nuts in the rain.

As I leapt, side saddle, onto the back of Robbies scooter (to the great awe and amusement of the security guards) and started weaving our way between rows of stationary cars, I couldn’t help but laugh to think of how much my life has changed. I adore not having to drive or find parking.

Two tuk tuks had got bored of being stuck in traffic so they had attempted to drive down the wrong side of the road into on-coming traffic and gain a few blocks. Of course this didn’t work out as cars came towards them and were forced to stop. So there in front of us are two cars with one tuk tuk stuck in between them. The tuk tuk driver then vacated his vehicle to buy some street side food and have a smoke. No one hoots. No one shouts. Life goes on.

My boss suddenly calls to ask about something at work. I answer while we are sneaking up the pavement and darting between food vendors. Unsuspecting foreigners jump out the way in horror and locals simply move to the side without as much as a grimace. My boss asks ‘where are you?’ and I answer “on the back of a scooter, in the rain, on a pavement” and realize how bizarre this must sound.


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