Drug Hound & Life Sentences

I met the most beautiful Saint Bernard the other week. His owner takes him to sit outside the Starbucks in the Unilever building every day, so whenever I am early for a meeting I talk to ‘Ranger’ and his owner. Ranger gets fed two cheese burgers from Mcdonalds every day and has his own water bowl at Starbucks.

Rangers brother was a sniffer dog and was registered with the Thai military. The Thai army adored him and he once flew business class, in a seat (with seat belt) to another airport where he was required. When he was very sick once, the army sent him a helicopter.

One day he ran over to a man in the airport and went mad – clearly the man had drugs. The man got so scared he kicked the dog in the leg. Turns out the man had 3kg of hash and went to prison. The dog did sustain a small injury on his leg. The next day the dog was bitten by a cobra and died.

When the tragic news reached the Thai military they were insensed and believed it was karma. The way they saw it: the dog could not get out of the way of the snake because that man injured his leg.

The result? The man got a life sentence, no appeal, no court case, the worst cell in Bangkok’s infamous prison and no hope in hell of parole.


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  1. Leah on

    Surely the brother of a national hero deserves a more dog-friendly lunch than McDonalds!

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