Steak on the Move & Hidden Malls

Today is Monday – YUK. All in all not that bad considering what a fab two year anni I had yesterday. We made a deal to get each other presents when we find things we like/want (that doesn’t usually take me long) so I gave Robbie a simple card and he felt bad for not getting me one, so went to 7/11 and got me a bag of heart-shaped chewie sweets.

We then went shopping and discovered three more malls I haven’t ventured into before.  Bangkok is teeming with hidden malls. Just when you think it’s safe to get back into the pink cab, you spot a Top Shop or Jaspal Home! Bliss. I found the most gorgous Calvin Klein cocktail ring and bracelet set which I should be receiving (promise to act surprised) at some point over the next two weeks.

We found a Marks and Spencers and splashed out on proper wine gums and double chocolate digestives. I ate all the red and black wine gums (hate green, yellow and orange – silly boring flavours)

Had lunch at ‘Mobile Steak’ !!! hahaha we just had to! Great terrace watching people go by whislt munching through a heap of french fries and grilled fish (robbie had a steak and it wasn’t mobile – it stayed exactly where they put it)

Work is stressful but going OK, I only got force-fed two unbranded items after lunch. Jelly-ish consistency…….

My acrylic nails keep getting caught in my sequin top….yes….I am wearing a sequin top to work….get over it…..there is a girl in a purple velvet cocktail dress with gold heels next to me right now who got in early this morning and had her hair curled before work. Beat that.


2 comments so far

  1. Leah on

    Sequin top! Velvet Cocktail dress! Gold heels!

  2. Lisa on

    Sounds like heaven…maybe I’ll whip out one of my cocktail dresses for our next inter-agency meeting…

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