Rally Day Amazing Race

Yesterday we got his ‘secret clip’ from the head of our fun committee.  We all noticed a Mindshare branded T shirt on our desks yesterday afternoon.

The entire company is off on an amazing race mission for the day with challenges and maps. I feel sorry for anyone who has me as a map reader – we’ll end up in Emporium Shopping  Mall by ‘mistake’ We were told not to wear heels or mini skirts and to bring a fan.

You may never hear from again as I get swallowed up in the mayhem. I may never return due to the shame of having to wear a friggen T SHIRT to work. A colleague of mine just walked in – NOT in his shirt as per the instruction – he looked at me and said ‘haha you are so eager’

Great, so the email that said ‘change into your branded t shirt at 1pm’ was in Thai, so here I am on ‘casual’ Friday with a t shirt down to my knees while everyone else sniggers past me.


2 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    Tell Robbie I will pay good money for any pictures….

  2. Leah on

    Pictures would be amazing!
    And the fact that there is a Fun Committee is amazing as well!

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