Indus & Tropical Rain Storms

Wow, what a weekend! As usual it all went far too fast. It really is so fantastic having friends to visit because you get to do all the things you simply put off as a ‘resident’.

We went to the crazy MBK Mall which is essentially a huge market in a mall format. 6 floors of every kind of purchase-able good was available in it’s original flavour i.e. the real deal, and it’s fake counterpart, i.e. ripped-off version. MBK Website

Each floor is dedicated to a certain range of goods, for example, the 4th floor is all electronics (from cameras and tripods to remote controlled helicopters and 100inch 3D flat screen TV’s, the first and second floors are for clothing and so on. The girls bought a new Canon camera and long lense for half the price it would be in Singapore, South Africa or Canada – all original with international warrantees and tax-back forms for the airport (7%)

I bought a pink egg-shaped mouse for my laptop at work 😉

Last night we went to the fabulous Indus Indian Restaurant. WOW is all I can say. DE-LI-CIOUS. Indus Website It was the most beautiful restaurant which had obviously once been a stately mansion with lush manicured lawns, bubbling water features and a huge terrace scattered with red couches and tiny candles.

Just as we had finished eating (Lamb Rogenjosh, veggie korma, cheese naan……all served in copper pots balanced over tea-light candles) the heavens exploded in the most fanastic tropical rain storm.

I kept thinking of a scene from ‘The Constant Gardener’ which is filmed in West Africa – massive fat drops of hot tropical rain pelting the earth, steam rising from the cement, thousands of croaking frogs singing with glee.

Just perfect.

My Monday morning Latte is now my only companion.


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