$1 Babies & JJ Market

This weekend the girls returned from Cambodia with tales of amazing temples/ruins, great vegetarian food and a woman who tried to sell her baby for a Dollar. They had the same response I did to the ruins ‘why aren’t they better protected?’ People can literally hack a chunk out of the wall and take it home as a souvenier – which I am sure people do. There is also heaps of graffitti on the ruins and trees that grow out of them. Very sad. Apparently the Japanese have the contract for the ruins in Cambodia and how to manage them. I remember going to Egypt before they put up protective barriers around the pyramids – you could just walk right over to one and lean on it. Hopefully they realise before it’s too late that they need to take better care of these historial beauties.

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Yesterday we hit JJ market again to check out furniture for a possible new house to move into (we are OVER condo living) Instead we became addicted to these 4 Baht (R1) ice lollies which are held in little silver tubes dipped in ice. When you order one (chose from Coke, fanta, orange, creme soda or lime) the thick-set woman with rough hands and wide-rimmed hat removed the tube from the ice pool, dips it into a bucket of water and the ice lolly slips out of the tube. Best discovery ever.

We also spotted ‘Choconana’ and thought the name was classic. It was simply a peeled banana on a stick dipped in chocolate with assorted topings. I still don’t trust bananas. There were little bowls of teeny tiny mini fried eggs balancedĀ on rice that people were eating like popcorn.

Robbie and the girls are off to the islands today and I am nursing a double-shot latte with my lip on the ground at work.


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  1. Burchell on

    What birds do the tiny mini fried eggs come from?

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