Pork Pies and Lonesome nights

Robbie left for Phuket with the girls yesterday morning. Boo hoo. So I am all alone with little Finny staring at me. I rushed to get home after work yesterday to get fin out for a wee and bought dinner without really thinking about it properly.

When i got home I realised i had

1 x pork pie

1 x loaf of white bread

1 x jar of double-crunch peanut butter

1 x cuppa soup

The pork pie sounded better in my head so fin ate most of that. I curled up on the pleather couch and watched Sex and The City first series until midnight.

It rained this morning so the bottom of my jeans got wet walking to work. SULK. So now I have Bangkok pavement juices seeping into my shoes.


2 comments so far

  1. Lisa on

    awwwww…you should always have oven chips r fish fingers in stock for those occasions!

    • bkkgirl on

      you are SO right! next trip I am stocking up on frozen goods!

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