Sunday Brunch

We finally agreed that Molly Malones was the best spot for a proper Sunday Roast. Pork with crackling, yorkshire puddings the size of your head, thick home made gravy, creamy cauliflower cheese, buttery carrots, mint sauce, apple sauce, mushroom sauce…….

We sat on a table with this hideous down-lighter above our heads. It was so bright my eyes were watering and I kept wanting to hold the salt shaker to Robbie’s mouth and yell ‘where were you on the night of the 4th?’

Robbie, being Robbie, had to fix it to make me comfortable…..he stood up, attempted to twist and turn the bulb and ended up pulling the entire thing out the ceiling and with it about 3 years of bugs and dust which fell straight into my freshly poured cup of tea.

Thankfully the brunch was delicious enough to distract from the lack of personality the pub has. No music, scatterings of single British men scoffing down pea soup and buckets of Guiness, dim lighting (except for our table) and bored staff.


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  1. Lisa on

    aaah, good old Molly Malones, our first port of call when we hit Phuket (but never for very long, for obvious reasons!)I always find it funny that whenever we go in there (altho in Phuket we sit outside, overlooking the beach)we always see the same faces repeatedly…it makes one wonder, why pay good money (albeit, in some cases, government grant money)to fly all the way to Thailand, and then spend your holiday sitting in a dark pub?

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