Loud Mothers in Starbucks

What is it about foreign houswives and the volume of their voices? My peaceful morning routine, where I get myself a tall latte from Starbucks and flip through The Bangkok Post, was destroyed by a gaggle of expat mums and their demon children.

I understand that when you have small childen you spend most your time shouting over the noise that small people make. But what I don’t get is how mothers forget (or ingore) how wonderfully peaceful life is BK (before kids). These cows literally took over MY Starbucks, crowding around the teller, blocking my access to the chocolate sprinkles, and drowning out my order (luckily the staff know me as ‘khun-amy-tall-latte-take-away’ so a simple nod got me my sustenance)

As I attempted to get to the newspaper stand, three mini devils pushed past and knocked over the entire pile leaving me clutching nothing but the finance section. I cast an angry glance towards ‘the ignorant mothers’ to which they responded with one of those ‘kids, you gotta love-em’ half arsed smiles, and carried on shouting their weekend plans at each other.

When and if I have a child, I promise to remember how important a peaceful coffee is at Starbucks for those who have chosen lowered voice tones and a ‘no drama before 9am policy’ over vertically challenged bratty chaos.


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  1. Angie on

    Yummy Mummys – NOT! They should be banned in public places if more than two of them together (just like hoodies back in the UK!). I feel for ya girl! X

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