Pattaya – land of family fun & bar fights

For the first time in 6 months I left bangkok city. Can you just hear the sigh of relief? We hired a car, packed a bag, packed a dog and drove to Pattaya – a beach town about 1.5 hours from bkk city.

Pattaya itself is rather busy, a bit like Patong in Phuket for those who know it. Too many foreigners in vests with bad tats on their forearms and calves, lording about with young Thai women in mini skirts and cheap heels. HOWEVER, if you drive a few minutes north to a place called JomTiem, it feels like a whole different world. Family-focused and chilled out.

Looking for a dog friendly spot is a challenge, but we eventually found a little bungalow:

The ocean was filled with the happy cries of children floating on bright red tubes as exhasuted parents chased them with sunscreen and cameras. We plopped ourselves in a couple of deck chairs and felt the city stress wash away.

We ate: prawns & calamari on the beach, pizza at the local Italian, BLT’s & full english breaky on beach road and late night pancakes filled with fried banana and melted Milo bars eaten standing up with a wooden stick as buttery chocolate runs down your arm on the walk back to our bungalow.

We witnessed a street fight between a go-go bar owner and three young guys who had obviously pissed him off on the famous ‘Walking Street’ I had never seen a real fight before so it was rather exciting and scary (I quickly ordered the cheque from the lady boy who was cheering for her favourite) The tiny Thai owner bitch-slapped all three guys so hard they were waiing for forgiveness on the street. Moral of the story: Do not be fooled by the size of Thai men, they know Muay Thai.

More later on Pattaya fashion, I better do some real work now 😉


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  1. Leah on

    HOLIDAY FUN!! Hope you enjoyed lots of margaritas too!

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