HouseKeeping Drama

Bad news – my new cleaner (and friend?) have wrecked my life – and my apartment. I got home from work yesterday to find:

1) all my lounge furniture in the wrong place – and not by just a few centimeters, the two seater couch was up agaisnt the wall where the TV is, the foot rest was in the kitchen, and the side cabinet was milling randomly in the hall-way

2) Spare bathroom totally ingored – dust lined the sink (clean sign Robbie is away) and Fin’s hairs lined the floor

3) She selectively ironed the stack I left out for her – she left ALL the linen in a crumpled heap (I understand ironing sheets is satanic but STILL)

4) The 300 Baht I gave her to buy new cleaning products was nowhere to be seen and nor were the new cleaning products. She mopped the floor with my lemon scented dish washing liquid

5) Every single electrical appliance was unplugged and moved juuuuust out of range of the cable. The table top stove, the kettle, my hair dryer, GHD, phone charger – all unplugged and heaped in a pile (who does that?)

6) My bed looked like it had been made by an epileptic 3 year old. AND there were distinctive Finbar mud footpints across the bottom of the white duvet????????

7) I can’t find anything. My DVD’s, salt shaker, TV remote, calculator (don’t ask) and my gorgeous ‘home is where the heart is’ gift bowl from Leah. Don’t stress Leah – I will find it, am sure it’s somewhere logical like IN the microwave 😦

I cannot describe my distress. Tears did flow.


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