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Island Style

Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas to you!!!!!

Sorry I haven’t written in eons, wrapping things up at work, organising Christmas and a boxing day BBQ for 10, packing for Phuket and taking Fin across town to doggy hotel all took way more of our time and energy than planned! Yikes!

Chirstmas brunch at the Shangri La Hotel riverside restaurant was FABULOUS beyond words. I wish I could get my blog to drip in thick sauce and waft hot rich smells across your room to give you an idea of the saliva-inducing joy that was that day. I actually, for once, felt I almost got my monies worth! Everything was perfect, looked gorgeous and there was none of those things that I hate about buffets:

1) unstirred gravy/cheese sauce = skin on top

2) anything with bacon or cheese with all the bacon or cheese picked out leaving plain boring veggies underneath

3) empty bowls with labels promising ‘home made apple crumble’ or ‘hot chocolate sauce’ or ‘king prawns’

4) scavanged favourites – every fattie ahead of you in the Q has scraped the last crumbs of the best bits i.e. mint roasted lamb chops should be considered a buffet myth

5) bits – bits of corn, cheese, potato or sauce drops that have fallen from its rightful home and are left to sweat on the cloth next to it, usually leaving a sweat ring.  So off-putting.

6) Exposed Dishes with no cover/lid – all I can think about are those trolls coughing in the line ahead of me, and with their sausage fingers firmly gripping their piled plates they can’t even cover their germ-infested traps.

7) Creme Brule not crispy on top and the best flavoured ice creams are always finished leaving one with boring sorbet or strawberry flavour (eww)

Anyway – these are a few of the reasons I normally hate buffets. THIS buffet was the complete opposite! everything was delishous, organised, clean, gleaming, juicy, stirred and delightful. Proud chefs walked around greeting everyone, stirring their sauces, refilling half empty platters and replacing soiled table clothes. The roast beer was medium, the yorkshire puds were perfection……and the chocolate fountain almost had my tounge on it! and yes, there was chocolate souffle made to order, LOTS of chocolate ice cream, piles of prawns, oysters, duck, cranberry sauce, mint sauce, lamb chops, buttery carrots, crispy crackling and plently of bubbles by the river.

my first buffet plate

I am now on Phuket Island hanging out in Robbies new 30 bed hotel – it is amazing and I am so proud – a few teething issues to run through but all in all very positve and already fully booked for tonight! whoop whoop

more later and I promise to take pics



M Idols (Mindshare Idols)

I officially had my most entertaining day at work since I arrived at Group M, Mindshare! Every year there is an idols contents for anyone who wants to sing, lip sinc or dance in a routine. There are fabulous prizes, a famous DJ, famous MC, production house quality lighting, sound and stage – all rather insane.

My Unilever team did me proud, we had several entries. One very quiet (it’s always the shy ones!) guy, busted out in a bob wig and long black and silver dress and high heels (with socks!) lip syncing to some crooner. But the winner of the event had to go to Inngy –  he did a ‘Single Ladies’ routine by Beyonce and looked hotter than any (real) women in the room. He had a professional MAC make over, lash-by lash extensions, a glitter mini dress and he rocked his heels proving this wasn’t the first time!

I was rather astonished at the amount of men dressed as women…..

check the dude on the left!

Tree Theme: Pink & Gold

my pink & gold tree


Good Hair Day! You know when you have one of those unexpected moments when you wash your hair, dry it, look in the mirror and smile broadly. Good Hair Day. I haven’t had one in over 8 months so this was a big moment for me. I received 7 compliments (3 from normally un-friendly people) and lots of close inspection in the company elevator (you know when you can feel someone checking our your bounce)

When one has a GHD, one has to go out. It’s all about maximising exposure to the world because come bedtime, the look is erased. So I went for drinks after work and worked over-exaggerated head movements to allow for hair to flow/bounce/shine and return back to its perfect place.

So if you have a GHD, make sure you maximise exposure – book lunch, dinner, drinks, take a walk in a public place, stand in bank queues and make up a reason to present an idea to your client 😉

unrelated but cute pic of Fin

Fin & Santa

Beer Massage

Probably the thing I hate most about Thailand (other than the toilets that won’t flush loo roll) is the foreign men who reside here. Not the ones legitimately working for a living, the ones who draw a measly pension and do sweet sod-all every day all day long except sit in bars being gross.

While I was in that deep blissful semi-coma of a foot massage on Saturday, I heard the loud cracking of a soda can opening. Due to the startling sound in the otherwise tranquil environment, I looked over to see a foreign man (no surprise), in a too-tight vest (less of a surprise), with a six pack of Chang beer resting on his lap. This disgusting EXCUSE for a human being was drinking beer after beer throughout his foot massage. For those few men (if any) reading this blog, this may seem like heaven on earth, but to anyone with common decency, respect, half a brain, this is disgraceful.

As I left the slobbering idiot the receptionist gave me a discount voucher (see ‘balls massage’ haha) Perhaps she saw my revolted face every time he cracked a bruski and felt bad for me.

Chocolate cake & sushi

I have no idea why, but when I am home alone I revert to shopping like I used to years ago.

I feel like a kid sitting in the trolly grabbing chewy gummies, soda cans (don’t fall for the pink packaging of Cherry Coke, it’s gross), chocolate marshmellows on strips and mini blow-up santa clause Christmas dolls. I get to the till and see piles of unhealthy multi-coloured plastic packaging.

Then I revert to my university self when I used to grocery shop for hours reading the instructions and false promises on hair treatments and studying ceaser salad dressing ingrediants (don’t ask why, I just loved reading it all). I’d spend ages agonising over the perfect face mask: heat activated mud or pore cleansing lemon? peering through the clear pastic of the ear buds and cotton wool pads to make sure that lower price didn’t equal lower density of puff.

Anyway, my point is, I am shopping like a combination of a greedy kid in the trolly and the university girl who spent 90% of her allowance on hair products and strawberry flavoured alco pops.

I got home today with the latest Hello (it’s all about the ‘real’ kate middleton, how could you resist?) salmon sushi, a huge slice of chocolate cake, a pear, cheese, a snickers bar, a can of cherry cola and a new dusty pink handbag. (note: hand bag not purchased IN grocery store but at a boutique I simply had to walk though in order to get to the road)


Over Friendly Neighbour

Ok, so you know the odd over-sharing neighbours we partied with last weekend until 5am? Well, they are officially over-friendly over-sharers, of the worst kind, because they are nice. I was walking Fin last night when friendly neighbour came running over to talk to me. He thanked me (for too long and with too much emphasis) for coming to his party and said that Robbie and I were ‘true life long friends’ WTF?

He then insisted I join him and his crazy wife for curry dinner. After much polite refusing (i would rather pour curry into my left eye) he eventually gave up but asked for a key to my apartment so he could take Fin for walks during the day (a little creepy)

As I was shoving 5 veggie fingers and a handful of oven chips into the cooker, there was a knock on my door. There stood the crazy wife. In her hands she held a tuppaware of lamb curry and rice, and two little bags of doggie biscuts for Fin. OMG BACK OFF.

Am rather concerned and now feel the need to duck and hide if I hear a door slam while playing with Fin in communal garden.

8pm to 5am

Robbie’s finally  back after three weeks on Phuket! Whooppeeeee. Sad that he leaves again tomorrow but at least we got four precious days together.

On Saturday night, our odd neighbour (small, quietly spoken over-sharer of personal news) invited us to his birthday party. For some odd reason, we decided to go. Live a little 😉 Armed with a decent bottle of red wine and a six pack of Chang Beer, we knocked on his door.

I was promptly poured red wine from a box (as I sadly watched my red vanish into a locked pantry) and shoved outside to sit between a loud south londoner with the worse ‘common’ accent ever and his shy Thai wife. Here is a summary of the people and my odd yet strangly fun evening:

  • Stephano – crazy Italian man, slightly sleezy (you can just tell), very expressive with his arms and hands flying all over the place. He told me how he hates living on this street because he can’t ‘take a different girl home every night without everyone knowing about it in the morning’
  • One-eyed Thai dude. It was so strange. We were all sitting there eating and drinking, and this guy walks in, pulls up a chair and starts eating. He then knocked over his plate and beer and left soon after. I am convinced he was just a construction worker from the block next door scoring a free meal.
  • Birthday Boys Thai Wife: also a total over-sharer. She plonked down next to me (very beautiful lady) and immediately told me that she and her husband had been trying for five years for a child to no avail, and she blames his drinking and smoking.
  • Birthday Boy: Plonked down next to me at a later stage and whispered ‘do you know the condition schizophrenia?’ Well, turns out his wife suffers from it and he is only staying with her out of guilt because she nursed him after he broke both legs racing cars 2 years ago.
  • Nutty British Divorcee Nurse: A real energy vacuum and verbal black hole. She just talked and talked and talked about herself for hours. She admitted to measuring mens willies when she was a nurse and pointed out that everything they say about black men is true.

What I find so odd about parties thrown by foreign men and their Thai wives, is there is always two parties. One table with back-less stools where the Thai’s sit and cook their food, and another table with biggar chairs (for generally biggar asses) for the farangs. People come and go, slipping in from outside and rummaging about in the kitchen before disappearing again. I know there must be a system, but if felt like the entire street was eating and drinking on this guy.

Home at 5am. The next day we moved our spareroom king size  bed into the lounge and spent the entire day lying on it, watching Desperate Housewives Season 7, ordering pizza and sticky chewy double chocolate ice cream, sleeping and slipping finny bits of pepperoni.

Beefcake Comes Home!

Robbie arrived last night after I finsihed my workshop at the Sukhothai Hotel (fabulous spot with lots of water features, giant buddhas and expensive shops selling antique lamps) It has been three weeks since we last saw each other, the longest time apart we have ever spent!

We headed off to Silom Soi 4 for some fabulous Greek food on the terrace of Sulvaki. We over-dosed on greek salad (we ordered a bowl of it to share without realising the three meals we ordered some with greek salads) One tomoto over-dose later we headed home, but not before stopping off at our local DVD seller to buy season 7 of Desperate Houswives and Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance. Whooppeeeeeee am stocking up for when Robbie leaves me again on Tuesday 😦

Today we are taking Fin to the vet, he has been eating grass and puking. I even starting COOKING dinner for him (chicken and rice), I dont even cook for myself! Oh, and I cooked my first pot of rice (one cup rice, two cups water) with no advice from anyone (except Google) How cool am I?

Its the Kings Birthday (Fathers Day in Thailand) on Monday so we get a long weekend. Every hotel and shop is stocking up on yellow flowers for the occassion and a music boat floats down the main river in his honour.