Free Ride at Annies Soapy Massage

Ok, this title is misleading I admit – I have never been IN Annies Soapy Massage. BUT, here is a funny story which links me to another one of Bangkoks many seedy sexpat holes.

I have (mentally) adopted a stray dog that lives outside my office block. I named her Jackie and she is getting to know me. We talk on my smoke breaks. She has a shy wag and walks with her head low to the ground, panting heavily. I decided to buy her some meat chunks in gravy. All the other smoking office workers looked at me like I was nuts as I squeezed out the contents onto the pavement for her (which she lapped up) Feeling good about my deed I trotted off to start my walk home. As I was half way to the corner a motorbike stopped next to me (ON the pavement) I noticed it was the friendly Thai guy who lives close to my condo. He always waves, and smiles as I drive past in the condo tuk tuk every morning.

He motioned for me to get on. I laughed out loud as we scooted across the pavement causing people to fly left and right as we went. Here I was, in Bangkok, in a pencil skirt, heels and with a laptop across my lap, balanced on the back of a strangers motorbike, on the pavement, getting a ride home!

As we passed ‘Annies Soapy Massage’ he pointed and said ‘my business’ and told me that he was getting a lot of customers thanks to high season. It seems foreign men like bathtime more than we would have thought.

As he kindly dropped me at my door I thought about how, in life, sometimes one good deed results in another. Most often it doesn’t happen as fast, in the same day or even in the same month, but everything in Bangkok seems to happen at a faster and more alarming speed.

I am committed to Jackie by the way – and since I have started feeding her I noticed someone has placed an empty white container on the pavement into which I now pour the meat 😉


4 comments so far

  1. Leah on

    Oh blesssss! Please post a photo of Jackie! Will she become Fin’s girlfriend? 🙂

    • bkkgirl on

      Jackie is rather on the old side, more of fins grandmother than girlfriend 😉

  2. Lisa on

    …I’m still stuck on the soapy massage…wtf?!

    • bkkgirl on

      yes, bizarre as it sounds it is hugely popular for sexpats in Thailand. There are rooms with jacuzzis and the girl will fill it up, add soapy bubbles and do a naked bubbles ‘massage’ while you float on a lilo. go figure

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