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The Lake House

Last night was date night, and for the first time, Robbie booked a surprise location. How romanticals! After a 15 minute taxi ride we turned into this drive-way edged with enormous trees and bamboo sticks.

The entire restaurant is set around a glassy, twinkling lake and the most gorgeous garden I have ever seen in Bangkok. I felt like like jungle queen (in heels) miles from the nearest city, meanwhile skyscrapers towered above us on every corner. The effect was simply stunning. Some tables were set over the lake itself, but you had to sit on cushions and Robbie doesn’t have the most flexible calves. I loved it though and will return with bendy girlfriends.

The Lake House is also a wine bar and apparently local hang-out for the ‘literatti’ (journalists, poets etc) so perhaps I should cough ‘i’m-a-blogger’ as I walk past tables! heh heh

Food food food! I had the most perfecty cooked salmon (light pink and buttery) which fell apart at the touch of my knife. It came with a neat piles of tagliatelle tossed in olive oil and herbs. It was one of those moments where you close your eyes as you take each mouthful so as not to be distracted from the flavours.

Robbie had the surf and turf and we were both impressed with the quality of beef (New Zealand) and the size of the king prawn. The BBQ sauce could have been served on the side so that one could control the amount of it (I always find it painful to see sauce poured on a king prawn, bit like loading coke into a good whisky) but the meat was perfectly cooked, tender and a decent portion.

This was all topped off with the most DELICIOUS crepe suzette EVER in history! The ice cream was proper – creamy and rich, just enough Cointreau, just enough tart orange sauce.

Obviously we had wine at the wine bar, our first choice was out of stock which always makes you want to murder someone, but our second choice hit the palatte like a kiss.

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My Big THEE OH (fortunately not a three oh no)

My parents arrived on the 7th Jan, just in time for my 30th birthday on the 8th. I booked a table at Wine Connection (clearly that doesn’t need a description or reasoning) which serves up the most kick-ass brunches and thin-based crispy pizza.

I invited 12 people and figured about half would come. Well, as it turns out, they ALL showed up and I suddenly, for the first time since moving to Thailand, felt like I had real friends around me, people who cared and people I could rely on. It was a big moment for me actually because living in Thailand can be lonely. But this birthday celebration showed me there is fun to be had.

I constantly had a glass of bubbles in my hand (no idea who kept filling it up and don’t care), who could ask for more?

lucinda, bec and me being silly

Beaches & Road Trips

Wow – it has been a while since I last wrote! Time has flown and I now have officially got Sunday-night-blues paired with end-of-holiday blues = DEPRO. So I have ordered a huge chicken burger meal and sticky chewy chocolate ice cream from Svensons to help me cope ūüėČ heh heh

Ban Krud/Krut is this amazing, sleepy little village town one hour north of Hua Hin (nearest major city with famous annual jazz festival) Rachavadee Beach Resort was gorgeous and the most peaceful place I have ever stayed.

view from resort

The showers were outdoor/indoor (ie private but no roof) so I showered in the sun looking up at lush palms and tweeting birds, watched men in big straw hats knock coconuts into baskets, walked on the beach, watched Fin lose his mind being free for five days, photographed sun rises and sun sets, ate prawns and crab til seafood juices ran off my elbows, napped in the afternoon, drank margaritas from blue goblets, finished an entire book, enjoyed a heavenly foot massage, laughed as my parents whizzed past on a scooter and made friends with a moody spaniel.

I have to admit, the drive to Ban Krut (Ban Saphan) was rather painful. Robbie and my Dad were in the front, leaving me, mum and Fin the back. Fin is not, I repeat NOT, a curly/bendy dog. He is solid and unrelenting in the space he takes up. Rather painful four hours of Fin taking over.

Desperately Seeking Wimpy

SO, on the 1st January we realised we had to book out flight back to Bangkok for the 3rd as I am back to work on the 4th. STOOOPID us leaving it so late to book. There wasn’t one seat available for three days. SO, the only options were to walk, swim (long swim), quit my job¬†or take a 12 hour bus ride.

With a long face, dropped lipped and drooping shoulders we handed over R250 (1,000 Baht) for a VIP ticket on the bus leaving at 6:30pm arriving 6am in Bkk. I packed a huge bag of sweets, treats, juices and mini quiches (as Robbie is a GRUMP without a constant supply of food), two new blow-up neck pillows, socks and a sweater (think 17 degree aircon) and off we went.

The station, although very unsophisticated in appearance, was calm and organised. Simple, old school desks were check-in tables, men shouted destinations (in no uniforms) and little old ladies served hot  breakfast noodles to weary passengers. This is the way most Thai people travel, so it was a real insight into another way of life and travel.

Road Hawk

The seats were fantastic, HUGE, reclining (We had top row front seats coz Robbie knows the agent) and came with blankets, pillows and foot rests. We were served snacks, juice and water. It was on time, clean, organised and altogether surprising. The only nightmarish element, which thankfully ended after three painfully excruciating hours, was the TV playing loud Thai comedy on full volume (and we were at the front right under it) I can now imagine what it must be like for non English speakers bring forced to watch Mr Bean on aeroplanes (before we all had individual head-sets)

There was one stop at midnight – no Wimpy or western food in sight. There was piles of phad Thai, noodles, curries, fish, unidentifiable tables of green veggies (leah & rachel calm down). I did source some buttered popcorn however which tied me over till our arrival back in the mother city.

Veggies and Arabic Coffee pit stop

Although long and tiresome, it was an altogether pleasant uneventful journey, which is want you want from a bus ride. Next time, book ahead.

Work Schmerk

I can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow! arg it’s all gone so fast! Although, my holidays are not over yet, OH NO, Mum and Dad arrive on the 7th for my birthday on the 8th, and then we are off on the 9th to Rachavadee Beach Resort

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¬†(with Finbar) until the 13th, I am SO excited to get away from it all. Bodega doesn’t count because it’s like having an island office, we know everyone, it’s full on work mode and NOT relaxing at all.

Here are a few other pics from my holiday I thought I would share:

Grouper (fish) with garlic, chilli and lime crust


Me on Bangla Road drinking a bucket – which is essentially vodka and redbull, in¬†a bucket, with straws…..not my most elegant moment but hey, when in Patong…..

me bonding with bucket

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Happy Happy New Year All!

My new year was spent, once again, on the tropical island of Phuket. We did manage a couple of days on the beautiful Phi Phi Island, but only because there were no rooms available at our own hotel so we literally had to leave the island to get a bed! During high season there are no rooms available last minute so we took a ferry to find a room ūüėČ I wasn’t complaining as could always do with a bit of beach time.

Paradise Beach Phi Phi Island

New Year we were back at Bodega with a room and a heap full of happy, drunk, over-excited guests. Bodega put on a new year BBQ with Thai delights (masaman curry, fried seafood rice, chicken kebabs etc) and partied it up until 11pm when it is tradition to close up shop and head to the beach for fireworks and the live concert.

With a warm Smirnoff Black in hand we stood and watched in awe. Phuket has most certainly increased its firework budget this year, at the expense of the artists doing the live concert though.

We all headed back to Bodega for more drinks, cards and laughs as we watched our rat-arsed guests stumble in: some half-dressed and dripping from a midnight swim, others asleep in the arms of boyfriends and new friends clinging to camera’s and cans of local beer.

Bodega Phuket New Years

All in all a great night was had and I am delighted to say that Bodega Man did us proud for its second New Year. I even had guests from last year messaging me saying how they wished they were back with us.

Patong Beach Fireworks at Midnight