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Brrrrrr drip drip

Can you believe it has been NINETEEN degrees in Thailand for the last three days? I had to unearth my beautiful trenchcoat (double-breasted Ben Sherman) which had been folded in a cupboard (with crepe paper) for nearly two years for my ride to work this morning! So cold you eyes water if you look into the wind!

Everyone at the office is shocked as this weather has never happened before at this time of the year. Kinda Scary actually when you think about all the extreme weather going on.

There are also really bad flooding all over Thaliand and especially on the islands. 700 tourists are trapped on Koh Samui (where I got married) as the airport is flooded. How dreadful. I always think of those people who have been saving up for years for one week in Thailand and they arrived this week, the coldest and wettest in history for this time of year.

Although there is flooding on Phuket (in the south), Bodega continues to pump which is great. Read link below for more:

Thai Floods


Worst food ever

Ewwwwwwww had gross food day today with nit one but two bad food instances.

The first was a place called ‘Sumo’ at MBK shopping mall. Looked nice, great sounding menu, slick staff etc no clue as what to come:
– chewy salmon heated in microwave (hot in the middle cold on edge) that I needed a steak knife to cut. Mash potato arrived on lettuce leaf?
– Robbie had rib eye which was claimed as ‘new zealand’ steak but was most certainly old tired up country water buffalow. He had one bite.

Went to macdonalds.

Got home and ordered an array of Chinese items for dinner. Got:
– brown food
– smelly stinky brown soup
– slimy matted together multch of fat noodles that refuses to separate.

My eventual dinner:

Even fin was hesitant.


Earthquake Magnitude 7

Morning All,

Last night, while I was in the shower, I heard loads of birds tweeting like it was sunrise. You know the sound I mean? But it was 10:30pm. As I got out the shower my phone beeped, it was a text from my boss saying ‘did you feel that?’

I rushed to the TV, of course BBC, CNN and local news are not as fast as social media so I quickly went onto Twitter and Facebook to see the flurry of panic and updates. Colleagues had rushed out of their buildings in fright. I honestly didn’t feel anything but it seems to be certain areas that felt it the most with one friend saying the clothes in her closet were swaying back and fourth for about four minutes! Another thought she was more drunk than she thought she was! We are on Soi 4 and people as close as Soi 7 were leaving their buildings as light fittings shook in the ceilings.

Turns out there was an earthquake in Myanmar that rippled across the Thai border. Pretty scary and pretty amazing about the birds. I know you always see that in movies but to hear the manic tweeting was scary. 69 miles north of Chaing Rai.

So I packed my ‘earthquake’ bag which consists of our passports, my diamonds, lancome mascara, my new hot pink Storm watch, farewell cards from friends and my Bobby Brown make up bag. Luckily nothing else happened but how crazy scary is that?

link to earthquake chat



Red shirt rumblings

Spotted on sukhumvit. Obviously it is almost a year when so many lost their lives in Thailand

City contrasts

What I love and find so fascinating about thailand is the intense cultural, ethnic, religious and professional melting pot that makes this glorious city home.

Everywhere you look there are contrasts and contradictions. A prostitute in black pleather giving merit and praying to a spirit house between tricks at midnight. A one armed beggar chats to a man in a customized Mercedes helping with directions. Muslim African women, their heads and bodies covered, bargaining with a street seller for patent red stilettos. Two lost uptight tourist girls getting a Nigerian man to translate their message into thai for a confused taxi driver.
Everything so unexpected it almost becomes normal.

Here is a pic of an Arabic man in pristine white robes walking past a couple of prostitutes as each simply go about their day.

One more just for laughs


Trusted breeder?

Would you buy your pedigree from this pavement shop?

I would like a ‘dear’ please 😉

It’s the contact email that inspires most confidence for me…..


Can you believe it has been 19 degrees and windy in Bangkok for two days? Shocking really….this is not what I was promised (or what I packed for)

Yesterday I ignored how chilly it was because my head was saying ‘whatever it’s Thailand, get your heels and go’ so I freezed my ass off for ten straight hours.

Due to freak weather, corporate aircon systems do not respond accordingly and continue to pump 16 degree blasts down the back of my neck. My boss actually has a huge fluffy blue duvet that she wrapped around herself, she looked like a little snuff with only her hands exposed as she tapped away on her keyboard!

Here is proof I wore (fake) fur in Bangkok in March:

Wine i love you


How brilliant is this sign for a waffle shop? Love it