Worst food ever

Ewwwwwwww had gross food day today with nit one but two bad food instances.

The first was a place called ‘Sumo’ at MBK shopping mall. Looked nice, great sounding menu, slick staff etc no clue as what to come:
– chewy salmon heated in microwave (hot in the middle cold on edge) that I needed a steak knife to cut. Mash potato arrived on lettuce leaf?
– Robbie had rib eye which was claimed as ‘new zealand’ steak but was most certainly old tired up country water buffalow. He had one bite.

Went to macdonalds.

Got home and ordered an array of Chinese items for dinner. Got:
– brown food
– smelly stinky brown soup
– slimy matted together multch of fat noodles that refuses to separate.

My eventual dinner:

Even fin was hesitant.



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