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This is for Leah, who LOVED that a hosiptal in Thailand has the word ‘bum’ in it.



Wow, so it’s been about a month since I last scribed my life down in blog land. As most of you know (and for those stalkers who don’t, stop reading this) I spent two glorious weeks in Cape Town, a time my husband refers to as ‘The Amy Roadshow’  Salmon roses, picnics, bubbles, viewpoints, ferris wheels, friends & family =  bliss

Now I am back in smelly, bustling, friendly non-stop Bangkok. The holiday feeling lasted about two days – it just takes the insane pollution, packed streets, wobbly pavements, shrieking traffic, twinkling malls, stray dogs and Krispy Kream queues to be sucked right back in to this life again.

I was walking home from my first day back at work, meeting Robbie for a G&T, when i got ‘caught up’

Hot, bothered and trying to look highly unapproachable to the indian ‘sooth sayers’ that try and read your fortune by saying you have ‘a lucky face’ I hurtled around the corner at the ‘waiing’ McDonalds man (their ice cream shop is IN the petrol station), navigating the cracked pavements and huge black puddles (the rains have come early) only to get my jean pant belt loop hooked over a spike on an old womans spicey noodle cart.

Two forces combined 1) the speed I was going as my laptop bag now has wheels, and 2) the noodle cart I hooked was on wheels – to see me, with cart attached, move about 5 metres down the road as one unit. The noodle lady screamed as her soup and rubbish bag sloshed their contents onto the road, I screamed seeing this tin restaurant speeding behind me an inch from my heels.

As I tried to block out the trauma and think of Hout Bay scenes and promenade sunset walks with friends, I had to come to terms with officially being back in Thailand. I think the lady boys are happy to see me back – they need a spring 2011 clothing collection inspiration.