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Thai Wedding & Banned Colours

I have just been invited to my first Thai wedding! Well, it’s not the official traditional ceremony, it’s the reception held at a beautiful historic site by Asok. It is quite odd here how you get an invitation from someone you barely speak to. In fact, I don’t think I have EVER spoken to this girl (due mostly to her bad English and my bad Thai) except for morning and evening smiles and nods.

The theme is ‘floral’ (Robbie should like that) so at least I get to wear my new floral ‘Mad Men’ themed ’50’s frock as it’s quite an occassional dress if you know what I mean. BUT there are rules as to what colours we are not allowed to wear:

  • Red – due to the political party known as ‘the red shirts’
  • Yellow – due to the political party known as ‘the yellow shirts’
  • White – duh
  • Cream – too close to white
  • Black – colour of mourning
  • Green – no idea why, perhaps it’s her mother or mother in laws theme

Thankfully that leaves me with various shades of pink and orange.

Also, as tradition dictates, you have to give cash as a gift (no wedding registry) and put it in the same envelope that you invitation arrived in (so they know who gave what!)

The going rate? 2,000 Baht (R250), giving less is just as insulting as giving more. Giving less is stingy, giving more is you feeling like they need your help.

Am pretty excited, it’s on the 7th July so lots of time to get robbie into a floral number!



View from office


Election posters

Here is our man again, he is hugely popular and runs the brothels in Bangkok. Yes he is running for prime minister. He has a series of posters, two angry face ones, one with a white pitbull and one with a baby look uncomfortable. Here are some shots from a cab so forgive the blur




Elevator surfing

Todays antics


Colour blocking

Matching nails and new iPhone case


Busy BTS


Elevator surfing

Me again


B*#%h Stole My Look

Do any of you watch The Fashion Police on channel E! Entertainment? Well it’s run by Joan Rivers who has older Botox than most of her viewers. Anyway, there is a section called ‘bitch stole my look’ and it’s for celebs who copy each others dresses and shoes.

Well, Kate Middleton Stole My Look. It keeps happening, I point stuff out that I am saving for or planning to buy, and POP there goes Kate in the same item and shade.

Last week I was online at L K Bennett online store eyeing up the fabulous heels with side bow in dusty pink. I then popped to Villa Market, snapped up the latest UK Hello Magazine and tore the pages open to Kates latest debut. And gasp shock horror there she was in MY shoes. Same dusty pink AND size 39 which is the same as me.

As for JK Bennett, they are out of stock thanks to Kate.



Interesting election posters

As you may have heard Thai elections are in two weeks. There are some highly innovative campaign posters on the go. Here is one of my favorites:


Po lunch

The beat vietnamese lunch you will ever eat at ‘Po’ restaurant where you get served by the chef who cooks infont of you. Everything is fresh and tasty. Nit a fork in sight either so you need skills.
Location: Siam Paragon