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Here I am, finally, in Singapore at the start of a new adventure. Yes I am here for work but YES I am excited about checking out living here. I arrived at 2:30pm after a good flight on Thai Air (chicken and rice meal) although the bastard next to me played Angry Birds with the volume up loud! Who does that?

Anyway, had the best chat with my taxi drive, I can’t fully explain what it’s like to be able to converse fluently again after so many years of struggling (my fault from not learning the language but still) He told me he wanted to move to Thailand becaues it wasn’t such a rat race like Singapore. I told him I was dying to join the rate race! haha

Hotel is good, fine, comfortable (has Star World and wifi) with friendly concierge. I took a two hour walk along Beach Road to check out the scene. I ADORE the big trees that line the roads here, I cant tell you how much I miss greenery. Bangkok has a few scrubs here and there but on the whole, not many green zones. I sat at a small terraced cafe and watched a group of friends playing frisbee on a huge patch of thick lush green grass biggar than two football fields.

Right now I am milling back in my room in my fluffy white gown ordering room service (pizza) and getting ready for a bath. First day of school tomorrow, wish me luck people, I have my outfit planned already 🙂







Tomorrow I am off to Singapore! So excited to explore and meet my Mindshare colleagues. Robbie surprised me with a pressie, a pink Samsonite suitcase with four wheels that you can wheel alongside you instead of behind! He said he can’t have me turning up in the land of efficiency with my broken bashed wobbly case which I have dragged everywhere since Ghana I think!

Dresses packed
Ziplock bags of body wash and hair stuff
9 pairs of shoes (hey, am going for two weeks ok?)

Will hopefully be able to blog from hotel. Either way I may be slack for a while with updates so forgive me



Soi 2 nose jobs and foundation

Last night my friend Ing invited me to a “gay land mark” which is essentially a small side street of bars and clubs. I couldn’t believe how often I had walked passed the entrance without noticing but from the main road, Silom Soi 2 just looks like a tiny dark back alley not worth exploring.

You walk down this long damp narrow passage way which suddenly opens up to a ‘hand bag depo’ and security check for ID’s. Once through the bouncers (one giving the other a head massage as they nodded me through) check point and metal detecter you are met by a blast of cool air. This inside/outside establishment is fully air-conditioned! Brilliant!

The area is short, about 30m, with lots of small bars off both sides. Low couches, water features and dramatic chandeliers among the decor. At the end are two large night clubs with throbbing music and long queues of gyrating men in vests and tight jeans.

Two huge men dressed in drag milled about in massive wigs and 30cm glitter encrusted eye lashes before leaping on stage to lip sync to Madonna and Kylie.

Amazing to be the only woman and only foreigner. Distressing that none of these gorgeous men noticed me either!!

Ing pointed out the nose jobs. Apparently a narrow ‘european’ nose is in fashion and after a while I realized how many men here have had work done. Also, as with most people in Thailand, the whiter your skin the better, which means a lot of white faces that don’t match their necks!

Taking a taxi back together ing and I sat in the back dabbing lip gloss and touching up our foundation! What a classic moment and the best ‘girls night out’ yet in Thailand!



Turkish Delight

Last night, as I returned from ‘Cotton House’ where I had picked up three tailored (LONG) trousers, we spotted a Turkish restaurant with a charming terrace. As we arrived it started to pour with the fat heave tropical rain that flooded the pretty cobbled back street in minutes. After we were seating and the owner had dropped clear plastic sheet around the terrace, my left shoe floated across the floor!

It was highly enjoyable sitting in this space surrounded by thundering rain eating home made humus, lamb kebabs and thick dips with piles of olive oil with fresh mint on the top. We wrapped and dipped everything in fresh bread that was puffed up six inches and hot from the oven. YUM





Ride to work

Just had to share my morning routine:










Ugly scrunchie

For some odd reason, Thailand is the scrunchie capital of the world. I guess no women here watched Sex And The City where Burger and Carrie date. Scrunchies are truely the ugliest hair accessory ever created, yet the worlds most comfortable. My friends and I secretly own scrunchies that we can:
– wear around the house
– wear when removing make up and washing face
– wear to sleep in

Due to the plethora and mad abundance of scrunchie stalls in Thailand I have made it my mission to buy the most hideous ones available, largely for my own amusement.

My latest purchase was so ugly Robbie admitted: “I thought finbar had puked on the counter” and here’s why:




Wai tip of the day

So I just found out today that if you wai (palms pressed together and slight head bow) someone younger than you it means they will have a short life! How bad is that?
If the person is older than you, you bow and wai. if they are younger you either verbally greet or press palms together without bowing your head.

Crazy skills

How brilliant is this?? Hahaha


Nail lovi?

I discovered a fab new nail salon in K Village Sukhumvit 23. The name is rather odd, so odd in fact one can’t make out the last word (should get in the way of referrals)

Anyway, mani and pedi for 750 baht (R150) in good chair with OPI varnish. Nicely done. And Wine Connection is downstairs….