Wedding continued

As you enter the reception building you ate greeted by a line of sisters and bridesmaids who insist you sign the guest book, take a small gift ( miniature plastacine version of the bride and groom in a little box) and pop your envelope (the one the invitation came in) containing 2,000 Baht ( the going rate) into a miniature wooden white house while everyone bows and wais in thanks.

The room looked amazing, grand and decorated in pink ribbons and giant size caricatures of the bride and groom.

In the centre of the room a huge cake standing 6ft tall which caused a flourish of interest, especially by the many rouge children running about. Until later, when the bride and groom ‘cut’ it with a sword, we realized it was a fake cake as the blade slide over each layer with a clunk without leaving as much as a kink! We were served milk cake shortly afterwards.

There were snacks and lots of bright red and green juice trays and a few whisky sodas milling about. People didn’t really drink alcohol.

The speeches were long and highly animated with a video of their love story done in cartoon graphics (very cool) which had everyone laughing and crying.

Lots and lots of photos were taken. All in all it was very sweet and a privilege to have been invited.





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