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Genifique & a trim

Would you believe that underneath my serviced apartment is a Lancome hair and beauty centre. I popped in on my way back from the zoo to see hair cut prices and ended up staying three hours! I got the hair cut, and it was bliss having English magazines and easy banter with stylist. I then booked a 70 minute lancome youth activating gene restoring facial! What BLISS.

They did this very scientific skin test first where they test your firmness, wrinkles, hydration etc based on your age. I officially have combination skin and am low on firmness! Shock horror! So I bought whatever was required and zoned out in my little strapless lancome branded robe while ‘bella’ massaged and treated my face with lively smelling liquids and masks.

My skin actually looks brighter already, quite incredible. They do body treatments too……although don’t want my ass cellulite levels tested.






Singapore Zoo

Wow, this zoo is insane, like a small country! Pretty amazing and not like a traditional zoo with cages and sign posts. It’s like a giant reserve where they have cut foot paths through a tropical forest. They do a lot of conservation for endangered species like the White tiger and this red tail tree kangaroo (who would have thought!?)

I walked for nearly three hours and did about half of it.






Pics of my little house for two weeks!








Goodwood Hotel Scotts Road

Second oldest hotel in Singapore (after Raffels) and very colonial.


Singapore Round 2 – scotts road, Park Lane

I am staying in this beautiful old colonial hotel which was build in the late 1800’s, only Raffles Hotel is older. It is situated on Scotts Road which is a short walk to Orchard (best shops!) so very convenio for me to walk off to buy some foody woody (and pop into Nine West/Mango etc)

The hotel is lovely, i am staying in a seperate part of the hotel which is where the serviced apartments are. I asked for this as a traditional hotel room is way too small for two weeks! And with Robbie visiting!!!!! So, i have a little double story house with balcony over looking the next blocks pool! It is quite sweet, little lounge, black and white checked bathroom (bath too small for my long pins) and full kitchenette. I love being able to buy my own food and drink and keep it in the fridge, i loath eating hotel food for too many nights in a row!

Can’t seem to connect my IPhone to the room WiFi so will have to get that sorted tomorrow, then i can load some photo’s of my new house for two weeks! Bye bye 🙂

Bangkok sunset

From office window


Sorry for delay

I have had the most crazy two weeks. As some of you know I am going between Singapore and Bangkok two weeks back and fourth. To make sure I am getting everything done I have been working 9 til 8pm for two weeks straight. And I have been running a training course at work, which was fun but exhausting. Here is proof
(yes mum, it’s the YOUR top again)

Am off to Singapore on Sunday for two weeks. This time in a serviced apartment so at least I can buy my own food and not eat heavy hotel graze each night! More from there

Tally ho x


3D hygiene

We watched the 3D version of ‘Final Destination 5’ yesterday, admittedly our first time in three dimension.

I must say, I didn’t like the specs. They are big chunky and awkward on your face as they have to be robust and one size fits all. All I could think was I doubt they are cleaned after each movie. Like airplane earphones, they worry me.

Movie was hilarious and typical final destination but am not convinced on 3 D specs. Think that will be my last time.

Seafood & Tongue twisters

Today was our annual office team building day. We went to this strange looking seafood restaurant which over looks a used car lot and huge highway (Rama 9) charming BUT once the food came I realised why we were there. Plates and plates of steaming hot fresh seafood seemed to pour from the kitchen. From fresh crab and prawns to muscles and seafood fried rice. It was a messy delight.
Then the games commenced. We were broken into groups of six and one person had to pull a name from the hat and act that person out or describe them without using their name or job title. Of course my team nominated me an I crapped myself. What if I pulled a name I didn’t recognise? What if they used real names instead if nick names? I was literally trembling. Luckily i got one I knew and my team guessed it in 12 seconds an we won 100 Baht! Whooopppeeeee

Game two consisted of Thai Tongue twisters. What was really amusing was that the three foreigners found them really easy (we got to read them) while the rest of them fuddled and muddled over them. Guess it’s like a Thai version of ‘she sells sea shells on the sea shore’

I had to leave early because of a client meeting but it was all rather classic. Finally Friday!




I heart SG