It was time for my annual visa renewal which is always marked by a bit of drama. Firstly, you need a ‘medical’ also known as ‘a good way to make money out of expats via their corporations’ You are shepherded from one room to another as various nurses giggle and chatter around you.

Blood pressure check
Height (1 metre 75)
Weight (62kg)
Eye test (I couldn’t read the bottom line and she knew it but ignored my guesses and approved my 20-20 vision
Then the blood test, chest xray (with unflattering skull cap) and call back for one hour.
I do like the bathrooms though, purple orchards next to every basin and gold crowns etched onto the mirrors so you feel you are looking at the queen version of yourself!

You will be glad to know I don’t have elephantitus, aids, syphilis, or high blood pressure.
Oh, and my blood type is A+ (do you know yours?)




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