Mindshare’s Got Talent

Every year, Mindshare – which is made up of six departments- has a talent competition. The truth is real talent is hard to find, so generally speaking there are dance acts, singers who mime the words and men dressed as women. It’s all for fun but there is competitive spirit between the teams.

This year we didn’t have time to rehearse (last year rehearsals went on for two weeks and we won) because of work, so the concept of ‘Miss Universe’ was born the day before.

Costumes were borrowed from Channel 3 (they have a full wardrobe for their various drama shows) and being desperate, they roped me into being Miss Thailand! They coached me to say three things in Thai, which had everyone falling about in hysterics, for my on stage interview to win the crown. We has Miss Korea (who did a dance) Miss China (span paper plates on sticks- they were glued) Miss Taiwan (played a traditional instrument badly and got buzzed by the judges) Miss Cambodia (guy dressed as women who did lady gaga dance) and me. My talent was speaking Thai.

The funniest thing was we actually won. We rehearsed once! We also won the popular vote and some other prize. Hilarious. (except when my skin caught in the heap arm bracelet)

Here are some pics if my day including one of us on stage with our giant cheque







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  1. Leah on

    I love everything about this!

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