Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

Ok, so lately I have been suffering from low confidence. I don’t know where it stemmed from and when it plans on leaving, but I have started paying attention to women who get ahead. This goes from women at work, to the girl on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ reality show. What I have noticed is, the girl who I dispise for being loud, pushy, self-assured and bossy, wins the competition, or the gets the promotion. Why? becaues they believe they derseve it, and they don’t let others get to them.

There is a fine line between knowing what you want and believing in yourself, and being plain arrogant, and that is what i am trying to figure out the secret to. The annoying b&*th on ‘next top model’ is loathed by everyone in the group, they gang up on her, leave her out, read her diary while she is in the shower, yet the judges and agents consistently say ‘she is confident, knows what she wants, speaks up in a crowd and stands out’

I had a situation at work where (i allowed) someone to present my work because i didnt know how to handle it in the moment and in front of client. What I realised afterwards, was I set myself up. I should have simply stood up and taken the microphone and make a little joke about jumping in. I could have found a moment, perhaps when there was a discussion going on or the tea lady opened the door, to quickly give him ‘the look’ to get control back where it belonged.

I’m not saying I have the secret, but I don’t want the fact I am over-polite and worried about what others think, hold me back from succeeding in life. I bought ‘the art of war for women’ (same author as ‘Why French Women Don’t get Fat’ and mentally coaching myself to be stronger and more assertive.

Robbie inspires me, everyone knows where they stand with Robbie, no one walks over him. Yes he is ‘in your face’ and brutally straight, yet his staff love working for him and respect him deeply. People ‘like’ me, but that won’t get me the corner office will it? Because I let other people steal my spotlight, talk over me, take my seat or simply have the last word because I don’t want a drama.

It’s time to face my fears and stand up for myself. WOOOHOOOOOOOOO

Oh, and I want to stop apologising for everything.

Sorry for the long blog,

sorry i just said sorry

this is going to take some getting used to


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  1. Andrea on

    I think the art is in identifying the ‘right’ people to be assertive/prominent with (the ones that can influence your chosen path) and recognising that some people really needn’t feature or have influence in your life. Learnt that from my brother this week actually. I was afraid to ruffle some feathers and he said it quite straight forward: the person is nothing in my life, so why should I be worried about upsetting him.
    Truth is, you reach a stage and level – especially in your career – where you don’t have keep everyone happy. Only worry about the ones guarding the ladder you want to climb.

    • bkkgirl on

      So true Bo. But also is letting randoms walk over you stops you shining in front of those who matter. Good advice from brother

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