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Public face masks

Like most bangkokians, since the start of the four day ‘holiday’ we go daily to different malls to buy food. Today we hit Central World. Whilst browsing the beauty section we spotted this women, sitting in a chair with cucumbers on her eyes and a face mask! Could you ever do this knowing hundreds of people are walking past pissing themselves laughing (and photographing) at how dumb you look???

Had to share



Soi 4 is safe

So it seems central bkk has been spared the worst of the flood. Yesterday and today were the highest sea tide hence the warnings. People are still building temporary walls and piling up sand bags, perhaps they know something I don’t but from what I can see we are going to be just fine.

It is a great relief, although I feel terrible feeling relieved when hundreds have died and millions are homeless. Thailand has a long way to go before things get back to normal. And this is normally the start of high season for tourism 😦
Can you believe people are being attacked by crocodiles that have escaped their zoo due to the flood? Can you imagine anything worse? And it’s kids because they are playing and swimming in the water. Just horrible.

Here are a few photos that my colleagues from work have taken today, so for some this is far from over. Oh, and the phantom mermaid strikes back!




Flood update

We heard a fee hours ago that a major barrier burst and water had reached street 50 (we are street 4) they are trying to repair it and divert the water but no one really knows where it is going and how much there is.

I went to the Thai Red Cross today to volunteer with hundreds of others and pack food boxes for people who have lost their homes. My taxi driver told me that BKK will have 6m of water by Monday. I know everyone is dramatic but I often believe the man on the ground more than the politicians.

After bring dropped at the wrong hospital and road (taxis are scarce so I had to hoof it) I walked for 20 minutes in 35 degree heat. Eventually found the location by spotting a passing truck with a red cross on it and running after it like a crazy person.

This place was packed with bored hot volunteers standing around not knowing what to do with the enormous piles of boxes, water, milk, noodles, toilet paper etc and thanks to incredible inefficiency we all just got in the way of the fork lifts and reversing trucks. After two hours with nowhere to sit or anything to do (and countless attempts at asking what I could do) I ripped my name tag off, flagged a taxi driver who was taking a piss on the side of the road and got a pedicure. What a total waste of resource. Infuriating.

We have lots more food and liquid, although knowing you have a cupboard full of snacks is like torture (especially when you can’t sleep and are up till 1:30am)

I will keep you posted



Three to a bike

I took my usual motorbike taxi home from work today and the driver decided to give his son a ride. Three of us on the bike! Like they have enough space for my ass (sideways = wider) and the driver and a six year old boy!
Was really fun when he stood on the seat and blocked the drivers view for about 5 seconds.



Sandbags and mermaids

So the flood situ is going strong. Apparently the next few days are critical. 6 army helicopters just flew past so something is going on but as usual the news is inconsistent. No one really know if the floods will reach central Bangkok and if so, by how much. No one was at work today as pretty much everyone is living in a critical flood zone. Those with money have fled to beach or island houses.

What I love about Thailand is how people still find the time to have a laugh. This pic of a woman dressed as a mermaid is going around Facebook. It made me laugh!

Oh, robbie booked an early flight home so he is finally back. Am so relieved. We went shopping for more food stock and it was great to have someone to carry the bags!



Nam maak maak

That means lots of water! So the government is considering making Thursday, Friday and potentially Monday public holidays to allow people to get out of Bangkok. Our office may close too but we are waiting to see if our clients close first.

It really is so bizarre. I was in Villa Market, our local supermarket, and there was a queue which reached down two isles. People were clutching tins of tuna, bread, orange juice, toilet paper, toothpaste, you name it and they had it stacked high. The shelves are almost bare. I was shocked to find the last two small boxes of dog kibbles on the shelf. There was cat food (which Fin may have to eat) but every last bag was gone.

The lady in front of me bought four trolleys worth of Evian water. The entire stores stock. Do you have any idea how expensive Evian water is in Thailand? It shouldn’t be allows that one person can clear all the remaining water. Tap water here is not clean enough and even quite poor people buy mineral water. It’s not seen as a luxury, although Evian is.

My credit card receipt had a note on the bottom saying ‘Tesco will not allow purchases of over 40,000 THB’ which is about R10,000.

The worst part (other than people and animals loosing homes) is distribution networks are fukked. The trucks cant get from the factories (those not flooded) to the stores. There is also talk of ATM running out of cash because the cash trucks can’t reach all the units. So I am drawing a wad tomorrow.

They say Bangkok will certainly flood and the next week will be critical. I cannot imagine seeing Bangkok flooded. It won’t be a lot, maybe one metre max, but that means no taxis, no food stalls, no access, not to mention over flowing drains and sewerage.

What a total freak out. I wish robbie was here, he is back Friday to help me carry 5kg dog food bag from Tesco if they still have any.

Today I took a motorbike taxi in a tiny dress (not really made for sitting) with my laptop bag (in case the office is flooded I have to work from home), dog food, my takeaway dinner, in the rain. Charming. Am totally unimpressed right now. At least Ing (the guy holding dog
food in the pic) hooked me up with a pirate copy of the entire Private Practice series 😉



Who you calling a tool?

The Garrett is above the Mini Cooper showroom and garage. I spotted this sign and couldn’t help crack up. For those of you who don’t know the slang, “tool” is a word used to describe an idiot or asshole.

Wonder if the bloke in the pic ever saw his final poster?


Silly taxi sign

I love snapping taxi dash boards, you never know what you are going to see. Here are some amusing rules stickers. Oh, and another shot of some flood proofing. This area, about 1k from me, is expected to flood up to about 1.5 metres over the next few days.



The Garrett – Ekami

We popped in to the fabulous Garrett for a spot of lamb shank and wagu beef burger (and a gin fizz for me) thus afternoon before the rugby. All delicious as usual and highly recommended. Pretty decent view from 6 floors up and nice balcony.


Flood proofing

A friends doorway-so this is where all the masking tape has gone!