I got talking to a colleague today about Walkmans, remember those? Remember when they didn’t have a rewind button so you kept having to fast forward and flip the cassette to hear your favourite song? Remember recording from the radio and all your top songs started and ended with the DJ jumping in to ruin it!

Remember mini disks? Probably not, they came in as fast as they went out (and not before my brother and collected the whole set). Remember your first discman? They even made one for joggers that came in a bouncy yellow case. I mean, where did real joggers put it while they jogged? I guess that’s why the moon bag was invented! Haha

Makes me think back to a life less complicated, where your biggest worry was passing maths and what to wear to the alcohol-free school party that Friday. Whether to skip PE and hide out in the art room chewing gum and gossiping or sneaking into the canteen early (before the bell! Gasp!) as the cupcake lady was unloading her freshly baked goods.

There really were no worries then. Nothing to fear, a time where getting a job and paying bills was far enough away to not be a concern. Getting the latest body shop kiwi lip balm or painting your nails alternate shades if pastels was high on the agenda.

Funny how you don’t appreciate that freedom, but I guess it’s all relative to your experiences.

Sometimes, as I am walking to work, I look around at all the strange faces, smells and sounds and wonder ‘how did I end up here, in this moment, walking on this street this day in october in Bangkok?’ it’s all so odd.

Feels like yesterday when I was graduating and doing my internship, so happy and free and excited. Eating two minute noodles for dinner and walking to the laundramat every Saturday with my best friend.

Life goes by so friggen fast doesn’t it?


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