Not sure if you have seen the news lately but Thailand is experiencing some of the worst floods in it’s history. The last time flood waters came this far into bangkok was 1992 and this is predicted to be far worse. No one talks about it, but there is huge deforstation in Thailand which accounts for landslides and the destruction of all natural water barriers (trees, roots, rocks etc)

Shots from the air show a scary path as the creeping blue mass spreads further and further. There is a tropical storm in the Phillipines at the moment and is heading our way this weekend.

All instant noodles, water and sand bags are sold out across the country. There is widespread talk of electricity cuts (very possible when you see how easily the drainage over-flows and swamps the pilons) and people with gas cookers are smug bastards.

Prime minister YingLuck on her 'catwalk' checking out flooded areasBangkok is the remaining spot that the water is enclosing around. High tide is going to push more water inland


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