Crocodiles and British Clubs

The latest flood update news is that central Bkk will be spared (most likely) but 14 other cities are now water worlds. And to add insult to injury 100 crocodiles have escaped from farms and there are warnings that they will soon be hungry. They are offering 1,000 Baht (R250) for the LIVE capture and return! Who the he’ll would risk catching a friggen crocodile for that?

Now on to more entertaining news: our visit to the famous British Club. We were thinking about joining (membership is not cheap) but wanted to check it out first. Well, the building is beautiful, like an old British boarding school. Beautiful green lawns for cricket, squash courts, tennis courts, two big pools, function rooms, salsa dancing, yoga, pilates etc

Only problem is everyone there is either a 400 year old man OR a mother with four kids under 6. There really is nowhere in the middle. Sigh.

Look at these riveting pictures. The one of the man on the stool show him trying to read his Blackberry phone message.





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