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Team drawing

Ing drew this fabulous photo of my team at Mindshare for one girl who is leaving us to become an air hostess. He drew this in her card and I had to take a photo of it. No guesses which one is me! Haha




I leave for cape town today!!! Flight at 6:30pm arriving around 2pm on Saturday where my girl is picking me up. Only crap thing is the weather report, it’s supposed to be summer there but I am seeing ghastly 19 degree forecasts for next week! Grim. I simply don’t have the clothes any more for being cold. I have one fab striped scarf I bought for the company trip to Japan but that is about it. Grrr

Anyway, see you all on the flip side!!


Hello wedding section

I sent my wedding photos to Hello Magazine UK several months back and every week I hope to be featured in their wedding section where they devote two full pages to 10 lucky brides.
I always feel furious when I see lame lumpy trolls squeezed into cheap corsets taking what should be my space. Check out this bridesmaid dress and explain HOW this got picked over mine?



Firstly my team just won a bronze award for the global digital awards on Axe. So proud. Here is a pic of me and Ing (we worked on it together but he really made it happen) standing by our sign which the digital team made for us (they produced it)

Then there is a gorgeous photo of a man saving his dog from the floods. They are still going on and still a threat to us all.



Hanging with my team

Sorry for the repeat of pics from Facebook but not all my fans are on there!



Floods continue to flow

The flooding continues in Thailand and creeps closer and closer to central Bangkok. So many people are living in hotels and had to leave their homes behind to flood. Can you even imagine what that must be like?

The international school on my road admitted that two thirds of students had left the country with their parents.

Water is still not available and our stack is running low. I even learnt how to filter my own water with a stocking!



Scraggly necks

After three years of dismally unsuccessful hair cuts and colours, I thought I had found The One. THE best stylist in the world working in Bangkok by the name of Johnny Live. My friend found about him via a friend of a friend. (who has short but expensive looking high maintenance hair – a posh bob)

So, after a hilarious phone call with the man himself (talking over each other and his thick Scottish accent) he said to meet him “outside the little Indian grocery store” at 2pm. And here he was, all 100 kg 5ft5 of him sitting ON the pavement smoking a cigarette. Charming. He then stamped out the cigarette and I noticed it was stuck under his shoe and didn’t fall off as we walked up a long dark skanky stair case.

The ‘salon’ if you can call it that, was a thin little room with huge pop art all over the floor and walls. One chair and mirror, one pleather wash hair section, an old hifi blasting Elton John and Debbie Harry too loud and stacks of outdated Hello Magazines.

He doesn’t have anyone else there, nor any help. So he cuts, colours, washed your hair and sweeps the floor. All very odd.

He was very sweet and quite passionate but my hair is totally uneven. I didn’t notice at the time because he did a crap blow dry but once I was home an got the GHD on it i realised my layers weren’t even.

The highlights are ok but there are two White blond streaks that are skunkish. Sigh. So 4,500 baht lighter and still desperately seeking a stylist.

How old does my neck look in these pics hahahahahahahaha



Floods and highlights

So the flooding drama continues. Sluice gates are being vandalised and the listed ‘safe zones’ are declining each day. The next few days are critical fir central Bangkok so we are back here again 😦 wondering and waiting. There is no water, eggs, bread, Starbucks napkins, KFC original chicken or toilet paper. Beer is running out on Phuket so Bodega is scrambling all over the island for more. Distribution networks are ruined, factories flooded, offices closed.

There is minor looting of houses going on which is making home owners stay until they are flooded in fear of being robbed.

The second drama in my life is my first hair appointment in nearly two years in thailand. I have had it cut and coloured twice and both times was mortified and cried. I have no idea why stylists are so crap out here but every expat women I have met has her own horror story to share. I can kind of understand bring crap at colour in a country where the majority of women choose to keep their natural black, but cutting should be fine. Although, again, most women here tend to have one length hair, so layering is not that common. And I once witnesses (in a posh salon) a stylist using a BLADE to feather a girls fringe!

So today I am going to meet a Scottish man called ‘johnny live’ (yes, the name worries me) who has lived in Thailand for five years. His website is very good with loads of expat women testimonials. He used to do magazine covers for celebs and models in the 70’s (the Rolling Stones – and yes, that does worry me)

His salon looks a little rock n roll BUT you can’t judge a stylist by his or her salon decor, or even their hair (my cape town stylist has a shaved under-cut and peroxide half fringe) so I am going armed with three colour print out of the colour I want and taking Nilufar to monitor progress.

Wish me luck