Floods and highlights

So the flooding drama continues. Sluice gates are being vandalised and the listed ‘safe zones’ are declining each day. The next few days are critical fir central Bangkok so we are back here again 😦 wondering and waiting. There is no water, eggs, bread, Starbucks napkins, KFC original chicken or toilet paper. Beer is running out on Phuket so Bodega is scrambling all over the island for more. Distribution networks are ruined, factories flooded, offices closed.

There is minor looting of houses going on which is making home owners stay until they are flooded in fear of being robbed.

The second drama in my life is my first hair appointment in nearly two years in thailand. I have had it cut and coloured twice and both times was mortified and cried. I have no idea why stylists are so crap out here but every expat women I have met has her own horror story to share. I can kind of understand bring crap at colour in a country where the majority of women choose to keep their natural black, but cutting should be fine. Although, again, most women here tend to have one length hair, so layering is not that common. And I once witnesses (in a posh salon) a stylist using a BLADE to feather a girls fringe!

So today I am going to meet a Scottish man called ‘johnny live’ (yes, the name worries me) who has lived in Thailand for five years. His website is very good with loads of expat women testimonials. He used to do magazine covers for celebs and models in the 70’s (the Rolling Stones – and yes, that does worry me)

His salon looks a little rock n roll BUT you can’t judge a stylist by his or her salon decor, or even their hair (my cape town stylist has a shaved under-cut and peroxide half fringe) so I am going armed with three colour print out of the colour I want and taking Nilufar to monitor progress.

Wish me luck




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