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Treggings & Greggings

Wow, keeping up with new fashion words is quite a challenge. So here is the latest from Marks & Spencers:
– jeggings – combination of jeans and leggings
– treggings – combination of trousers and leggings

So there you have it


Eye lid glue and mouth stretching

Two odd things I saw often in Japanese chemists and make up sections:
Eye lid glue
Mouth stretcher

You tell me what this is all about?



Japan collage

It has taken a while for me to download my photos, the best ones are on Facebook, but here is a little collage of my top pics! I cannot wait to return to Japan soon, it is truly the most incredible and beautiful place I have ever been.


Christmas day at ShangriLa

Fabulous day was had on Christmas at the ShangriLa hotel by the river. Robbie and I stayed after everyone else went home (four adults and three kids) to watch the sun set with a bottle of bubbles planning our 2012. Good moment as we feel things are coming together slowly but surely.

What wasn’t a good moment was when Fin ate his R400 Kong frisbee, supposedly made for big jawed monsters like him. Thirty seconds later he had swallowed some and spat out some on the floor. Thanks for nothing Kong.



Christmas time!

Just came from my red themed staff Christmas party which had the most bizarre secret Santa ever! Each person had to buy a present based on their job title ie the more senior the more you spend.

You pull a name out the hat and get that persons gift. Done? No! Then you pull THREE names and each person gets the power to try swap your gift with theirs, and you can’t refuse. So one person will have an Elizabeth Arden beauty set and have to swap for a set of pencils and a post it note! This went on until each person had three sets of three people to swap with! Haha

I got two DVD’s, English ones!

Now off to a new French restaurant with husband. It feels a bit like Christmas holidays, even though I am back at work next week!


Fukuoka medley

Got these from other people who took pics on the trip. Still haven’t downloaded mine yet! Too busy with Christmas shopping!


Thai comedians, broccoli & hotel ghosts

When travelling in a large group one realises new things about the Thai culture. Here are some fun insights:

1) Thais travel with Thai chilli sauce. They decant it into small water bottles and whip them out in all restaurants.

2) vegetables for breakfast, especially broccoli. Put me off my eggs every time

3) Thais believe hotels are haunted and have ghosts. Therefore, the only way to keep the gouls at bay is to sleep with the light on. Everyone had to share a room (two or three to a room) Now no one told me this, so I kept getting up and switching the lights off thinking they had fallen asleep with them on by mistake. Then I would wake up an hour later and they were on again. This continued throughout the night for three days. On my last day I mentioned it to a friend who revealed the truth. Next time I will share with a non superstitious person as they are out there!

4) on the bus they watch a Thai comedy on the super loud TV and draw the curtains on the incredible landscape!

5) there are fewer personal boundaries. One evening I got out the shower wrapped in a little towel to find 3 guys and 4 girls sitting in the room. They didn’t flinch at me being there so I grabbed my nightware and felt shy about how short the shorts were. Heh heh

6) people are so kind. The tour guide couldn’t speak English so pretty much everyone else took it upon themselves to make sure i was taken care of. So wonderful. And every time we stopped it was a surprise for me! Haha



Fukuoka Japan

Wow. Japan is hard to describe. Really the most beautiful stunning place I have ever been in my life, and I have been around! So perfect, clean, green, crisp air, bright blue skies, simply stunning. The people are gentle, kind and respectful. The streets are spotless. The trees are groomed into beautiful shapes. Roof tiles curl up at the edges like you see in the movies.

The snow capped mountains, steaming volcanos, natural hot springs, vintage trams, dogs in little jumpers and shoes. Everything is small. Japanese are smaller than Thai people, or so it seems.

The toilet seats are heated (if I was early and waiting I would simply perch on the loo to heat my ass) and have a digital panel where you can drown out unsavoury noises but selecting the ‘faux flush sound’ option which simulates the sound of a really loud drawn out flush! Brilliant.

We went to three different towns in Fukuoka city, each with it’s own charm and local draw card such as the 16th castle on the hill, hot springs, cobbled walking street, temples and beer bars in mini heated tents by the river.

I will load photos soon so you can get an idea of how gorgeous it was! Here is a preview




I am off for four days to Japan, Fukuoka to be exact. This city is so far south it is closer to Seoul than Tokyo! Apparently beautiful and well known for hot springs and night spots!

There are 60 of us on the trip! Think branded tour buses, follow the flag and translation books!!! Oh, an lots of peace signs in lots of photos!!!

See you on Monday when I return!!


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